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Why I Love Stories

I’ve never really liked myself. Now, before you roll your eyes and decide this is going to be a self-loathing, deprecating rant, hear me out. I haven’t ever truly liked myself, but it is what it is. 233 more words


The Art of Setting Speed Limits

The smart, cool, yet slightly generic-feeling, thriller Limitless deals with a man who embraces a drug that gives him an unlimited capacity to access his brain.   827 more words


Finish Your Book!

Finish Your Book!

  1. What’s your book about? Have an elevator speech: a one minute sentence describing your book.
  2. Write a working title. Cute, memorable, or mysterious is better.
  3. 376 more words

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...

For some months now I’ve been repeating the same line from The Shining over and over until one day of bull to many I popped and decided it was time to relive this masterpiece. 194 more words

Random Thoughts


CBA= can’t be asked

CBA= can’t be arse

CBA=can’t bullshit anymore

take your pick. all applies to me atm.

i used to think that writing was  560 more words

Free Thoughts

On Writer's Block

There are two main beliefs people have about writer’s block: either it doesn’t exist, or it is hell.

Both of these cannot be true.

Last week I decided to take some time off from writing to refresh my mind after a long, disappointing dry spell. 390 more words

(Somewhat) Motivational Haiku


To fear correction
and criticism is to
fear all improvement –


The red ink – being
ink that is red – can make your… 22 more words

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