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Creative Development is the Fast Track to a Better Balance Between Work and Life

Some business owners are too generous with their time and energy. Many give too much. They care too much. Their overwhelming generosity costs them too much time, energy, space and money. 585 more words


Writers Should Persevere

Sometimes the hardest part of being a writer is to keep writing. Many call this crippling form of hesitation and self-doubt “Writer’s Block.” I happen to agree with Jonathan Maberry on this subject: Writer’s Block is not a thing. 255 more words

Best Writing Practices


They were sitting on a bench in the park, talking and smoking…

“Don’t you think you’ve been sent here for a purpose? Like there’s this one specific reason for your existence and only you can do that, no one else.. 649 more words

Writers' Block

Writer's Block or Spring Fever

As a fiction writer once wrote, “Writer’s block is when those imaginary voices in your head stop talking.” This is so true. As I have just completed the second book of my three book series of Beyond the Red Sky, I am slowly starting book three. 254 more words

Day 82 of 2015. Still spinning...

Monday 23rd March

Back to the daily grind. Feeling loads better. Thank god for that..need to do some exercise!

Dull old Monday but busy as it gets closer and closer to leaving. 37 more words

Busting the myth of the writer's block

Just like any other myth, the infamous writer’s block myth needs to get busted and re-busted from time to time. So in this post you will read either something you’ve read before, had a hunch about but haven’t quite had the chance to put into words, or if it’s the first time you’re reading a post on this topic, then I hope you’ll find something that will get you “out” of that particular state you are trying to resist so hard. 538 more words


An Ode, to Writers Block

See Becca Write.
See Becca Concentrate.
See Becca Run.
See Becca Run Fast.
See Becca Dance.
See Becca Do The Hula.
See Becca Eat Chips. 124 more words