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Power Of The Ritted Word

der muss smit,

2d fur muss smits shoe en tel aye rit bot apels. mie mum en ded lyke apels. aye lyke apels 2. eff u dawnt lyke apels u r en stoopid. 795 more words


Writers Block with GIFS.

A simple thing I think all writers no matter what type or genre. We can all agree writers block is the equivalent of watching the Joel Schumacher’s Batman’s for all eternity… Hell and torture and just the sound of it makes us cringe. 253 more words

Where I'm at...Existentially

When I was 17, I viewed Robert Rodriguez’ Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico which are not classics by any stretch of the means but they had a profound effect on me. 473 more words


Motivational rollercoaster, anyone? Ticket for sale!

Sometimes my mind just keeps glittering and overflowing. I feel the whole universe move in my stomach as the blood rushes in my ears. I am all these colors, which cannot be handled or even kept together, so bright and resonating. 421 more words

It's Friday, So Here's An Extra Poem! :)

It’s Friday! Finally! I’ve decided to post an extra poem today! Because it’s Friday and I’m in the writing mood, I may post another one later. 120 more words


Never Give Up as a Writer

Sometimes I sit down at the computer and think:


I’m too tired, too unfocused, too preoccupied. 177 more words

The Writing Life

10 Reasons Why You Should Write Fan Fiction

We write because we love these vampires, Doctor Who companions, or demon hunters so much that we can’t stand not knowing what happened in those missing scenes or giving them the chance to make a different or better choice. 1,005 more words

Speculative Fiction Writers