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Everybody's writing for the weekend....

The past few days have been less than productive, between the sinus headaches that don’t seem to go away and the lack of inspiration. At this moment I defiantly feel like Calvin. 20 more words


Day 180- Top 5

So its back top 5 of the week, here are a list of 5 positives from my week

1.  Managed to get back on top of things at work and clean up some issues. 53 more words


20 Writing Prompts - July 2015

Time for another edition of my prompt list! Again, it’s entirely up to you if you decide to use them, I’m just putting them out there in the hopes that maybe they can help someone with their battle with writer’s block or just to get the words flowing for the day. 323 more words



To Maxwell Tilse, never too much.

and this is what you do when writer’s block you type and you type and then you keep blood flowing you suture your wounds you tighten your stitches you arm wrestle the hands of the clock you push through and you create the mounds and mounds of bullshit but maybe you’ll fertilize a small dandelion and that small dandelion will catch in the wind and those little fluffy parachuters will create new dandelions and spread and spread like jelly on bread and you push through and you’ll feel that black shadow of a ghost hovering over you but you can’t pay him no mind you don’t have time and it’s laundry day and what the fuck else are you gonna do it’s laundry day when you leave colorado and you’re in the middle of nowhere wyoming on the way to san francisco you get super excited for the gas stations for the windmills for the human decency to leave some land uncivilized no matter where you are there’s life to be experienced you don’t need drugs you don’t need a passport you just need to know that there are planets and stars that orbit inside you constantly and on these planets and stars are elephants holding flowers with their trunks and on these flowers are lives screaming for you to speak for them we must be louder we must always be louder in hopes of getting some silence but if the silence never comes we will at least have this lullaby to lull us to sleep and in this sleep we will dream of a world of silence where love is unspoken because it is everything and we’ll wake up and there we are there is that world and there’s a lot of hate to see through but i beg of you see through to see your own love and if you feel blocked like you don’t know how to speak just start talking and there may be nothing or maybe just maybe lost in the haze you’ll find a lighthouse light to guide you through the dark night of the soul and into the yellow morning with ya ginsbergian stanzas of gibberish and your uber apparent moonlight motherfucker.



My Writer's Block

About three weeks ago, a friend of mine–a public speaker and a non-fiction writer–wrote me an email asking for my personal experience in handling writer’s block (he was asking for a friend, of course :)). 506 more words

Camp NaNoWriMo

I woke up Monday morning focused on my writing goals. An hour of cardio later and my plans for the remainder of the year had been completely reevaluated and the results were a tad more realistic than those I outlined… 253 more words