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Writer Highlight Featuring: April Lynne

From the Deepest of the Deep

I, who humans fear most
Extend a hand
No blade in sun to shimmer
No guile to spread across the seas… 74 more words

Creative Talents Unleashed

Inspiration Call: Creative Talents Unleashed

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Creative Talents Unleashed


Writer’s Block
Some days are just like this. We don’t get enough sleep and we have a head cold. Our brains seem like mush. Why are we so alert at 4am and so in a fog at 2pm? 20 more words

Writing Writers Block Stuck Insomnia

My 6 Things About Writer’s Block – what are yours?


For me, I find that writer’s block often stems from a lack of research. When I have a pile of research behind me, I can actually feel it driving me forward. 981 more words


When Writing is a Problem....

You know that feeling, the one where you really want to write, but then you have no idea what to write? Yeah, I’ve had that feeling for quite a while now. 413 more words

Daily Life

The Proven Way to Have Better Writing

Remember that time you wrote something and thought it was the best thing ever? I mean, it was so awesome that you got crazy excited and had to restrain yourself from showing it to everyone you knew. 1,501 more words


On Writer's Block: Fighting Dragons Without a Sword

“The pen is mightier than the sword” – Edward George Bulwer-Lytton

All I ever wanted to be growing up was a writer. I didn’t care how I did it.

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Writer's Block