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Yet, I Am

Blunt set of scissor
Maneuver through
Hair every fortnight.
Kohl resides under
Those eyes in repose.
Silence deafened one
Ear. Lips sit aback
Sealed far too long. 17 more words


How Long Is It Until Computers Write Bestsellers?

I can’t wait until the day comes when computers can create stories on their own.
Oh you think being a writer is tough now?
Wait until the AI joins the party. 347 more words

This Blog Needs A Title

Poetry Month

It’s poetry month once again!
Three cheers to the poets, the writers,
the teller of tales.
Cheers to creative spinners of words,
the ones who bleed onto a page, 210 more words


Return From The Land of Nod

Morning light wakens me.

I return from the land

of dreams

and the bizarre land

of nightmares

to peruse the images

imprinted on my mind’s eye. 20 more words

Unfilter Me

Unfilter me with your honesty. Crash down these walls being built on all sides. Stay the hands that lay brick by brick the inhibitions to my imagination… my needs. 50 more words


Update Post

I haven’t been able to write on this blog as much as I like too. But here’s an update of what I’m doing now since I put a break on writing, “Broken Emma”. 122 more words

Giving Your Loved Ones The World

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

The beautiful beads that you see below are custom made by Merry Coor using the ashes of people’s loved ones. She sells these beads on her… 125 more words

The Boy In The Heart Shades