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No Tears

I sit beneath

the palm shaded light

and dream of rain

to wash the fight

from beneath my eyes.


Food makes me violent.

If you eat my food.

There is a good chance of me mercilessly stabbing you in your sleep.

You have been warned.

-Lily P. McLaughlin-


2100 Hours

It’s 9:00, and this story I’ve been working on still isn’t finished.

It’s 9:00, and I’m worried about the word count – maybe I should worry about going to bed… 250 more words


ちはらのBlog #1 : " Being Left Alone Again "

Why does it feels like when you’re not with your friends, they’ll just forget about you and leave you behind ?

It’s always been like this for me. 107 more words



The rain hits the pavement in such a mesmerizing way.
My mind takes me back to the day you said you would stay.
My heart begins to hurt, and the nightmare of everything you were comes into play. 30 more words


Battling your Goliath

A long time ago there was a giant named Goliath. He was a fierce warrior sent to wipe out an army. People were afraid of him because he was so big, and all their attempts to face him down had failed. 266 more words


Beautiful Disaster.

He was like a storm.
I was not expecting him to rip through me the way he did.
So unexpected.
I think that’s what made him wonderful. 29 more words