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Focusing Your Idea—Craft Tuesday at Write on the River

When you write your one sentence down, check to see what the subject of the sentence is:

  1. Character
  2. Protagonist or antagonist
  3. Plot

Whichever you lead with sends an immediate message to the reader as to which is more important. 700 more words

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The Difference between Memorial Day & Veterans Day

Memorial Day was set aside in 1868, three years after the end of the Civil War as a day on which to honor the war dead. 142 more words

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Idea Examples--- Craft Tuesday at Write on the River

Kernel Ideas Can Be Anything

A character

A plot

A setting or scene

An intent

A “What If”

Let’s look at some ideas

  • Character: “A housewife and female assassin must uncover the truth of the men in their lives in order to save their own.” …
  • 818 more words
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The Alpha Male: Really?

It seems one has to be a (pick one, or combine some): cowboy, billionaire, SEAL, Secret Agent, race car driver, CEO, etc. etc. in order to the hero in a romance novel. 666 more words

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A Good Deal for Writers-- 10 craft books in one bundle

Ten books in one bundle– all by experts in the field of writing (including my Novel Writers Toolkit).  This is a great value for any writer.

Story Bundle

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The Kernel Idea (The Original Idea)-- Craft Tuesday at Write on the River

The kernel idea is the Alpha and the Omega of your book. By that I mean it starts your creative process and it completes it. It’s what you begin with and at the end of the manuscript, everything in the book points toward it. 1,100 more words

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Battle of Palo Alto, FREE eBook and the future leader of the Resistance

I think I’ll start this off backward. Bob is taking care of The Future Leader of the Resistance prepare for the coming of another Future Leader of the Resistance. 443 more words

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