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My Writing Habits

I figured I should let you all know how I write. Every day I write a poem, a diary entry, and I edit or writer a little of one or more stories. 37 more words



I am constantly amazed
By the ideas and thoughts of others
How they create such beautiful
Works of literature and art
How they interpret their facet of the world… 16 more words


Happy World Poetry Day!

To celebrate World Poetry Day, I’ve written a short poem below. In the meantime, check out this great site to read some wonderful “poems on poems.” 86 more words

Writing Quote Tuesday

This week’s quote comes from Ray Bradbury.

I’ve heard some writers say that they’d love to write a book, but first they need to enroll in a writing class, join an organization, learn about publishing, or overcome some other obstacle that is supposedly standing in their way. 35 more words

Writing Quote Tuesday

An idea to help you write

I use to have a huge issue with writing everyday or my goal of 5 out of 7 days a week.  I tried to get myself to do it with will power but that would fail after a week or so.  198 more words

My Novel

Dear Future Me

Writing everyday is easier when you have a challenge to work towards. Hopefully I don’t miss any days of writing or posting a picture.

Day six of the… 258 more words

Personal Writing


“Isn’t it nice,” she said. “To look out at the night sky and know we can’t possibly be alone?”

Her friend looked out at the same sky.  62 more words

A Little Something