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The Unquenchable Flame (Book Review)

The Church was a mess in the 1400’s, corrupt, lazy, bloated with arrogance and drunk on power. Rumblings were inevitable. Had the Roman Catholic church listened and responded to the complaints history would have told a different story. 420 more words

Wrestling With Books

Reflections on The Psalms

C.S. Lewis wrote this book for Christians. In this book he seems to want to take a break from his typical apologetics work, he says “A man can’t always be defending the truth; there must be a time to feed on it.” However, he fails in this endeavour. 619 more words

Wrestling With Books

Sailing from Byzantium (Book Review) Collin Wells

Big Idea: For a long time historians have viewed the history of the Byzantine empire as little more than a millennium long uninspiring tail of decay. 802 more words

Wrestling With Books

Christian History in Plain Language (Book Review) Bruce Shelley

I love history, so I am bias, but I think that even a non-history person would be captivated by this book. Shelley captures well the heart of history, which is a story well told. 159 more words

Wrestling With Books

The Purity Principle (Book Review) Randy Alcorn

For anyone left in our western world still interested in the concept of moral purity this is a helpful little resource.

Big Idea: Purity is always smart, impurity is always stupid. 249 more words

Wrestling With Books

Good Without God (Book Review) Greg Epstein

Big Idea: Humans do not need any kind of deity to inform us on goodness. The idea purported by religious people that non religious people simply cannot be good unless God is in the picture is absolutely reprehensible. 1,958 more words

Wrestling With Books