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Thank you Ryan Gosling.

Generally people thank Ryan Gosling simply for existing and being Ryan Gosling however recently I have found something slightly more legitimate to thank our dearest Ryan for. 219 more words


The First Cherries of 2015!

Good Evening:

Well, they were the first cherries of 2015:

At my office, cherries from the local farmers market lead a Hobbesian life–nasty, brutish, and short. 156 more words

The San Francisco Scene--Seen!

Messages from me: 9:15am, May 6th 2015.

Only have one class today but a lot of work to catch up on…. looks like today is going to be a rather productive day for me. 56 more words


Reverse mortgages

Daytime TV is full of appealing ads for reverse mortgages. Usually some has been celebrity promotes the concept emphasizing you can stay in your home with no payments. 94 more words

Observations On Life

Bernie Sanders for President. - the growing appeal of "free" stuff

All the following sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Many people think so. Tax the 516 American billionaires more, tax corporations more and give everyone else “free” stuff. 1,089 more words


Four Stage Theory on Musical Development.

It is in my greatest opinion that learning an instrument is vital to the development of the brain. Having the ability to play a musical instrument can open your mind to so many new things and to so many new ways of thinking. 320 more words


This Retirement Investing Tool Might Actually Be Working - Bloomberg Business

 When I was managing 401K plans one of my greatest frustrations was getting employees to pay attention to the investment options, learn about them and then select investments best for their needs.. 631 more words