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Wait until after you have an "accident" before you buy insurance

Hey, it makes perfect sense to me, why would you want to buy insurance before you actually need it? Besides, since someone else is paying a big chunk of the premium there is even more reason to wait. 314 more words


A Serendip of San Franciscans, 3 March 2015: Working People.

Good Evening:

We have cackles of hyenas. Businesses of meerkats. Murders of crows, exaltations of larks, and wakes of buzzards. We even have escargatoires of snails. 343 more words

The San Francisco Scene--Seen!

Established by the State-Obamacare subsidies

This is what Republicans and others are fighting over and which the SCOTUS will decide.

But the law—as writ­ten—offers sub­si­dies only to peo­ple who buy plans “through an Exchange es­tab­lished by the State.” In other words, if you bought a plan through the federal ex­change—and more than five mil­lion peo­ple did in 2014—you’re not el­i­gi­ble for the sub­sidy.

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Health Spending Is Rising More Sharply Again - Washington Wire - WSJ

Here is one that comes under my “I told you so” scenarios.

Specifically, health care costs are rising again and increased utilization is the cause. In other words, to manage health care costs, requires ongoing management of health care, like it or not. 444 more words


This is what's wrong with politics

Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) is announcing her retirement on Monday, according to The Washington Post and CNN.

Mikulski has served in the U.S. Senate since 1987, and before that, was elected to the House of Representatives in 1976. 85 more words


Elizabeth Warren at it again, naive, short-sighted and misleading on Social Security

Take the time to read the following. Scary, right? Those damn Republicans are at it again or as “Wilson” says those Teapublicans.

The fact is Congress has routinely moved money from the retirement trust to the disability trust because the disability trust happens to be running out of money faster than the retirement trust (2016 vs 2033). 631 more words


The Genuine Show!, April 16 - 25, 2015.

Good Evening:

Well, this little project has taken a bit of my time lately: my first ever full-length show!

The Genuine Show! represents the debut of a new theater troupe called The Unknown Players, and they have honored me by producing an evening of seven short plays, including “The Duck” (see… 95 more words

The San Francisco Scene--Seen!