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Everyone should own a house 

As the Obama ad­min­is­tra­tion en­ters the home stretch of its sec­ond term, it isn’t shrink­ing from crit­i­cism of its push to ex­pand mort­gage ac­cess and home­own­er­ship for hun­dreds of thou­sands of Amer­i­cans.

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Observations On Life

Higher deductibles out of reach for many | BenefitsPro

What were they saying about “affordable” health care⁉️ You see, while the politicians and pundits focus on subsidized premiums and call that making health care affordable, the real world is still out there. 230 more words


Republicans; do the right thing (and the smart thing)

If I was a Republican in Congress, I would want to put my party in the best light possible. I would pick my fights carefully. I would want to demonstrate to Americans an honest concern for average and struggling Americans. 102 more words


CO-Op health plans on the ropes😏HMOs all over again

Before you read the following, read this:


Some of us old codgers occasionally know what we are talking about. But it’s not a special talent, it’s merely exercising common sense and questioning the claims that appear quite illogical. 475 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Hello everybody! :D

It’s been a while since I posted something for the Weekly Photo Challenge. I wasn’t able to post for the previous challenge as I was so busy catching up with some serious spring cleaning. 339 more words


Social Security, the left and denial

Read these excerpts from The Week, a UK publication that also publishes a US version. That anyone can write such dribble is amazing.

“What he doesn’t mention is that the regular Social Security fund won’t come up short until 2034.

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Ted Cruz "imagining" on health care, but it's time for reality

Five years ago to­day, the pres­i­dent signed Oba­macare into law. Within hours, Lib­erty Uni­ver­sity went to court filing a law­suit to stop that failed law. In­stead of the job­less­ness, in­stead of the mil­lions forced into part-time work, in­stead of the mil­lions who’ve lost their health in­sur­ance, lost their doc­tors, have faced sky­rock­eting health in­sur­ance pre­mi­ums, imag­ine in 2017 a new pres­ident sign­ing leg­is­la­tion re­pealing every word of Oba­macare.

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