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We Could Learn From Digging Down*

A recent article I read reported on the discovery of the 430,000-year-old remains of a murder victim in a cave in Spain. One of the things this finding suggests is that people have been killing one another for a very, very long time. 1,246 more words


Chapter Nineteen: Concern for the Well-being of the Attacker

Four years before, on the first day of school, Mrs. Doreen Broderick had given her seventh-grade class – including Alan, who was discomfited by the resemblance between the puffy white pirate shirt he was wearing and Mrs. 431 more words


The Illusion of "There's an App for that"

With some quick movements, a little panache, and perhaps a few silly words a skilled illusionist can make a person appear out of nowhere and disappear again just as quickly. 1,588 more words


The Special

They live a block apart, just down the street from the other but they hadn’t spoken to each other in years. For four decades, to be exact. 3,410 more words

Friends with benefits -- yay or yuck?

One positive feature of aging is the long-range perspective that it offers. You can see the birth of good ideas, and then watch their fate as society grabs it. 1,839 more words


Cannibal Worms in Adrenaline Central

26 Feb-1 Mar 2015. We are standing in near total darkness on a metal platform inside a cave inside a mountain. A huge volume of water is thundering and roaring below us. 918 more words


The Big Move

Alright. We’re here. We made it through two home inspections generating arm’s-length long repair lists; 19 ½ year old termite inspectors who wouldn’t know a termite from a few pieces of Arborio rice; a pool repair tech who collected the $75 service fee and then left to get more parts but never returned; an agent who’s perfected his imitation of Tony Robbins (motivational speaker who’s teaches methods for success (manipulating others) like the “controlling state” and “neuro-associative conditioning”, whatever those are); and a title officer who dragged her feet for three weeks and then blamed the lender for the delay which in turn made the lender really mad and delayed the close of our house and forced us to load a truck with most of our stuff and send it to the warehouse for the night while we slept on mattresses in the master bedroom because the huge empty house was spooky and the four of us felt better sleeping together in the same room because the room didn’t echo as much like that. 840 more words

Spiritual Formation