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Watching the Tide Roll Away*

Since most murderers don’t want to be caught, one of their concerns is how to get rid of the bodies of their victims, leaving as little evidence of what happened as possible. 1,192 more words

Agatha Christie

Endless Beauty: the glory of New Zealand

20 Feb-27Mar 2015. I have many stories to tell about New Zealand. We saw some extraordinary things, met some wonderful people, had some incredible experiences, did a lot of walking, quite a bit of talking, and explored the country almost from one end to the other. 276 more words


News from the Eye of the Storm (in the orthodontist's office)

I’m sitting in the waiting room at the orthodontist’s office. No, not for me. For Caitlyn. I had braces at her age; six years of it. 736 more words

Spiritual Formation

Thankful Thursday 4-23-15

At the moment I’m wobbling between “well, that was cool” and “blah.” I’ve just spent… longer than I probably should have… reading the archives of a blog written by a Catholic convert who went to Turkey last year to teach English so that he could pursue the possibility of a relationship with a Turkish woman he’d met (he says, when asked by a customs agent on his way back into the US last month what had brought him to Turkey, that the answer was “love.” There were no details given, but it apparently didn’t work out.) Sometimes words just pull me in and I get lost. 867 more words


I Ain't Got Much to Lose*

It’s not easy to investigate a murder, even for police and professional PIs, who’ve signed up to do that work and who have some training. It’s even more so for people who haven’t and don’t. 1,262 more words


Part One: Birth Day

It might have been any holiday weekend at our place.

In-laws at table sipping coffee, nibbling at cinnamon rolls and fruit.  All of them, each of them, in turn, making fuss of one sort or another over our two daughters. 6,453 more words


Evaluating Historical Research in Business

3I started doing research in organizational and business history for no other reason than I like to try to figure out why things are the way they are. 1,040 more words