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The Heart Knows Its Way Back

This grief is like a stone I cannot dislodge from the spinning center of my being. It makes my eyes small waterfalls. It is a rough hand in the night when I am in need of a soft touch. 1,030 more words

It Should be Easy For a Man Who's Strong to Say He's Sorry or Admit When He's Wrong*

Being human, we all make mistakes at times. And some of those mistakes mean we also have to make apologies. Some apologies (e.g. accidentally bumping into someone) are easy. 1,277 more words

Agatha Christie

Chapter Seventeen: The Road to Barbo

The floor in the back of Erin Noonan’s car was surprisingly clean.  Either Erin was fastidious about it, or no one ever rode back here with muddy boots on. 1,047 more words


Laws Expire, Surveillance Remains

The technological landscape of today is quite a bit different from what it was in the fall of 2001. This point is so obvious as to be banal, but to provide some clear examples for the sake of context: in 2001 nobody had an iPhone, nobody was on Facebook (or even Myspace, for that matter), the term “selfie” had not yet entered the lexicon, and Netflix was still sending subscribers DVDs by mail. 1,431 more words


5 Photos 5 Stories: Hidden Wenlock #5

For the final post in this Hidden Wenlock series I thought I’d show you Ashfield Hall, one of the most impressive houses on the High Street. 1,038 more words


Jhankar Beats: A Broad Look at Music in India

As a music student in the Regional Arts Program at my high school, the major project of my grade 12 second semester was to choose a music related career and present in some format (presentation, performance, product, etc). 6,744 more words


The Half-Invisible Man

I’d lived on the same street as Gene’s barbershop for years and the one thing I knew for sure about Gene Wilsey was that he couldn’t much abide animals. 2,738 more words