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Some Before, During and After

It’s over – we euthanized Pippin Thursday, June 25th. I’ve had pets before, but never from baby to death. My veterinarian, Dr. Katz (I kid you not)  eased us through the transition. 1,141 more words


I've Come to Look For America*

When you travel in the US, you see one thing very clearly: America is composed of a lot of very different communities. Of course, many other countries are quite diverse, and have all sorts of different smaller communities within them. 1,038 more words


Lifestyle of the primitives.

Wild. Untamed. Dropped into primitive surroundings, would they forget where they came from or hold on to any shred of civilization from their former lives? 1,882 more words


Sabrina and Brian's Spanish Adventure Part 2

It was difficult to leave the beach life at Calp in the Costa Blanca, but there’s only so long a person can look at a rock, no matter what the size. 1,100 more words


No battle. Christmas vs July Fourth

Always better than Christmas, is Fourth of July.

None of those weeks of stress about presents. 

Locating the right level of wonder-ness and price point expected by the receiver. 672 more words


On Tribalism and Missed Opportunities

I’ve been brushing up on my Nigerian history over the past few weeks, and from simply reading the great font of knowledge that is Wikipedia (and hunting down the astoundingly few references in many of its articles concerning the motherland) two things have become glaringly apparent. 1,129 more words


May I Have a Word?

With all that’s going on in the world, it’s impossible to not have strong feelings and form opinions even though my non-confrontational defense mechanisms push me back into the arms of denial and that awful awareness of how truly helpless I am to bring about world peace, unlike Miss America, a woman I will now never be unless they remove the restrictions regarding scaly thigh skin hanging in a bunch just above the knee. 792 more words

Spiritual Formation