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Broken: Erosion of the sandstone

The rocks that make up Antelope Canyon are the petrified remains of prehistoric sand dunes formed by erosion of the sandstone by flash flooding.

WPC: Broken


Broken Creatures

Broken is an understated weighty word with so many meanings, it could mean violently or as gently as a feather’s caress. In this world of broken promises and hearts, its too easy to be like the millions and view the world though broken eyes.  48 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

This week, Cheri has challenged us to: ‘capture something broken.’

When I saw this home in the country this morning, I felt sad. It was in a beautiful location with lush rolling hills and I wondered what kind of home it had been. 83 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

Shattered Walls

Blessed are the hearts that bend,
they shall never be broken.
~ Albert Camus

At the San Juan Capistrano Mission, the

Gardens and lovely water fountains are…

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