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What Is A Woman's Wardrobe Worth?

Susie Cagle

My grandmother was one of the beige ladies of Santa Barbara, a rare and particular breed of self-made California woman with scotch in her liquor cabinet, Didion and Butler on her bookshelf, and a mottled spectrum of cream, ecru, and taupe in her closet. 1,773 more words

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It’s a definite WIN.

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7 Charts Everyone Who Has Flown On An Airplane Can Relate To

It’s time to check in!

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Michelle Rial / BuzzFeed

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Someone just planked for four hours and 28 minutes

The former record holder for the longest plank has regained his title after losing it last October.

Two minutes of the plank, a bodyweight exercise that requires you to support your body on your elbows and toes and hold your body straight (just like a plank!), is normally enough for the average person to start losing their form, though people in good shape may be able to hold the position for up to five minutes. 228 more words


21 Hilarious Coffee Mugs To Celebrate Literally Everything

Functional trophies.

When you binge watch cartoons on Saturday instead of doing “productive” things.

$12, here.


When you poop.

$12.99, here.

cafepress.com… 68 more words

32 Facts That Will Make You Ask, "How Did I Get So Old?"

Cady Heron would turn 27 this year. Zach Morris would turn 40. And you’re getting old.

1. Kids who were born the month Hanson released “Mmmbop” are graduating high school this spring. 69 more words