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Love with Abandon

Love in the moment
Hold nothing back
Live in the now
Just love

Love with your whole being
Give everything you have
Do not fear the future… 81 more words

Fool me once

“I hear you’re wounded? Like, bad wounded? Would you show them to me?”

“Why would you want to see them?”

“Come on, share with me!” 70 more words


2 years in New Zealand

So 24th of April was officially the day of my landing in New Zealand 2 years ago to come and live here…

It felt quite nice to be fair, although first of those years I’d rather have never lived, but on the other hand I would have never been presented with what a person I have been with for the last 5 years and engaged with, was really like. 156 more words


tender ripples
trip me over your shadows

a far away light flickers like a candle
afraid of your darkness

such shoots grow beneath me
i stand willingly unaware… 38 more words


Seeds {to Bloom}: other wounds

When other’s choices have a string tied to us, bringing consequences and pain that we didn’t invite, it can bore down deep. The bitter taste of another’s failure and selfish decisions can stay trapped in the soul, tainting perception and breeding dark. 186 more words

Seeds {to Bloom}


Another marker drawing on a page from a found Spanish-language Hari Krisha tract. Tomorrow I need to sit home and draw. Tomorrow I need to sit home and draw. 97 more words

At His Feet

A burden too great
For me to bear

I inhale
And take a step
And I fall to the ground
I try to stand… 102 more words