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The State of the Salaf in Ramadan - Rabee’ ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee

Question: A questioner is asking about the state of the Salaf in Ramadan.

Answer: In answering this question I say, that the state of the noble Messenger –Alayhi as-Salat wa Salam- in Ramadan is well known and he used to prepare for this month by fasting more in Shabaan. 838 more words


Day 94: The Reasons I Worship :) [part 1]

Well… Yeah.. This list is not really that long but knowing God, hmmm… it might just be. But for now, these are the reasons why I worship, some glimpse of what I actually write in my hard journal :) 370 more words


May 27: Worship as a Response to Knowledge of God

Read 1 Chronicles 29:11-13

David’s time to rule as king of Israel was coming to an end. He had lived a full life, served an amazing kingship, and now all the plans and dreams God had instilled in his heart for a temple in Jerusalem would be brought to fruition through his son, Solomon. 304 more words


Prayer prompt for Wednesday, May 27

Jeremiah 5 reminds us that to fear God means to give him our utmost respect and heartfelt worship. He loves us too much for anything less.