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In less than a┬ámonth, I’ll be turning twenty.

I can still remember my tenth birthday, being the teachers pet that I was I ran into school to announce to Mrs Chambers that I was ‘double figures!!’Now I’m almost double-double figures and to be honest, the thought scares me. 275 more words


Confessions of a Worry Rat

“My outsides are cool.

My insides are blue.”

When people see me, I look like the positive and happy person. Actually, that’s what people who aren’t close to me think of me. 368 more words


Card of the Day: May 23 2015 - Nine of Swords

Is there something keeping you up at night? Are you stressed about the day to come or what is around the corner? Do you have a feeling that something is out of place, that something may be your fault in some way? 84 more words



“Women always worry about things that men forget; men always worry about things women remember.”

~ Albert Einstein

Heart Transplant

5/23/15: Napping

calling it

“dreamland” won’t give some sleep



My life right now

Im struggling to find fun in almost everything i do at the moment… I try to spend time with my family but they irritate me as soon as they enter the room.. 282 more words

When I Was (Literally) Losing My Vision: Lesson Number Five

Curse God and die!

Lot’s wife famously told him to do just that. I got the feeling that some people around me were wondering if I was going to respond in the same way.

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