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When it Rains...

There is a saying, “When it rains, it pours,” a term that refers to trials in life that seem to accumulate far beyond our ability to handle in a small frame of time. 800 more words


Why Worry Yourself into a Nightmare?

If today’s reality is a result of yesterday’s thoughts, then perhaps you should pay a little more attention to what you focus on today. Are you spending all day worrying about what tomorrow will bring? 308 more words

Living Soulful


Have you ever at one point in life felt like a small part of a big world…like the world was swallowing you and somehow you didn’t matter? 550 more words


The unknown and the easy road

Oilman had two more coworkers get laid off yesterday.  He is still thinking/guessing that he will have work until May or June, and then it is adios to a regular paycheck. 475 more words

Oilfield Life


We followed the footsteps of the world into our laughter.
We didn’t.

We stroked the passing of tomorrow into a tight worry ball.
We didn’t. 102 more words


3/28/15: Retrospective

reading a year

of daily haiku—goldfish,

each in its bowl


and here we go again

Here we go again.  The month of March, the month of April. Two months that are pure torture for me and my anxiety.  Why? Well, by this time of year school is almost over but it’s not, really. 480 more words