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We all have worries. We all have something that gives us that feeling of anxiety. We all have emotions and sometimes we let them get the best of us. 190 more words

Joys of working for yourself

Otherwise known as the “Cashflow Blues” …

Don’t get me wrong – I’m still a fan of working from home and being my own boss. Getting to be creative on a variety of jobs from a real mix of clients is great fun. 500 more words


Stepping Back From Technology

I truly believe that the development of technology has done this world great wonders. All of our needs are met with much greater ease. It has brought advancements in literally every industry. 225 more words


Dear Me

Hello Everybody!

So there’s mean this new trend on YouTube of ‘dear me’ a video where famous YouTubers give advice to their younger selves. It’s nothing original but I thought it was a good concept and since I am still young, relatively, I am going to write a letter for my down days and my days where I feel like everything is going wrong… 331 more words

Anxious in Sevilla

Yes, I realize my title sounds like the signature of some sap writing into an advice column but it’s true, I’m anxious in Sevilla.

Living in this huge city, in a new culture, has made me think about a lot in my life and in only 1 month, I’ve changed my ideas about my future and myself. 286 more words



Then Jesus said to His disciples, “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear.

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