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Perceptions on Bullying: Misandry in the Media

Think back to your high school days to that one kid you could always count on to bully you around. What form did his bullying take? 500 more words


On Evils Done By Christians And The Church

When discussing the evils committed by Christians and the Church, one must be aware that to claim that “Christianity has has done evil” does not make sense and so we must specifically identify individual ‘Christians’ and the corporate ‘Christian Church’ as people who are capable of and do commit evil deeds. 3,051 more words


Moments of Enchantment

From time to time, I am invited to give a keynote presentation. More and more i am adding multimedia elements to that: video, audio, even silence. 1,081 more words

Leading By Being

Are we sinners or new creatures?

I used to have no struggle with believing in the “sinners saved by grace” doctrine.  My worldview was that I was depraved and my future was bleak, so believing I was merely a saved sinner came naturally for me. 895 more words


Pride and Prejudice: A Different Reason To Read It

A while back a friend asked for my advice. She wanted a birthday present for her 12-year old daughter. My friend is a chemist, a scientist who wants her daughter to be a scientist and a person who sees the world through the cool and detached eyes of one dedicated to a life of reason and inquiry. 1,084 more words

Father's Day Edition: Misandry in the Media

For those of us in the United States, last Sunday was Father’s Day. This is a day set aside in the U.S., as well as 57 other countries, to honor fathers and the concept of fatherhood. 1,180 more words


Double Whammy! Special GoodBookCo Deals on Wilderness and Humans!

Well, you work on one book for 5 years, and another one for 5 months, and whaddaya know – they appear on the same day! Well in the UK at least. 205 more words