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RPG Commentaries: World War Z

Don’t adjust your websites, it’s time for another RPG Commentaries with Salty Iggy and Mr.Dragon! While it isn’t Halloween just yet the crew decides to venture into a genre that has recently become a tad over saturated. 26 more words

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* Ten Things of Thankful

Thanks, as always, to Lizzi for her Ten Things of Thankful initiative.  She wrote a thoughtful post on her interactions with a number of homeless folks.   483 more words

My Dear Widower

Perfect Holiday Reads for the Jetsetting Geek

If you’re jetting off somewhere nice and sunny this year (please take me with you) or just heading to one of our great British coastal towns for your holidays (I feel your pain) then here is a quick sum up of some great books you should take a look at while topping up the tan or hiding in the shade: 849 more words

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The Top Six Monster Apocalypse Films You Have to Watch

I have a bit of a confession to make. I am the biggest monster apocalypse fangirl. Any film that comes out that involves zombies, end of days and panic stricken extras running around screaming in the background, I’m there with the popcorn. 1,047 more words

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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks

Writing Style – 5/5

Brooks so expertly drew me into his “historical” account that at times I found myself almost losing my sense of reality. I have no doubts that if he were to put his mind to it, Brooks could write quite compelling accounts of real historical events.

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(Review) World War Z

World War Z is a frantic and adrenaline-filled movie about a retired United Nations worker who is living his daily life as a family man when a zombie outbreak takes place. 897 more words