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World War Z: Snow is Gud

One day in the distant future some poor historian will find a copy of this book and spend countless hours documenting the horrible experience of WWZ as fact. 763 more words

World War Z (2013, Marc Forster)

Zombie films are ten a penny these days and Marc Forster contrives to make the zombie apocalypse seem boring with World War Z.

Max Brooks’s novel of which the film’s title is taken from (because as far as fidelity to the source material is concerned, there doesn’t appear to be much else shared), looked at a zombie outbreak from the disparate perspectives of people all over the world. 224 more words

Top 50 Movies of All-Time (#50-41)

Yesterday, I listed the honorable mentions for the top 50 movies I have ever seen.  While I am sure film professors would disagree with almost everything on here (look… 930 more words

Même les zombies veulent rouler en Audi

L’agence allemande Thjink nous replonge dans l’ambiance de World War Z pour Audi, mais ici pas de zombies, juste de simples mécaniciens devenus fous devant les services d’entretien de la marque allemande qui vous permettent de conserver la valeur et la sécurité de votre véhicule. 7 more words


Live in Denver, Survive the Zombie Apocalypse 

If not Denver, close enough to get to the Rockies when the walkers storm us. Students from Cornell University based a fictional zombie outbreak from the novel World War Z as an approach to handle a disease model for an outbreak. 57 more words

To Celebrate EDSA 2015, Philippine Government "Recreates" Traffic Jam Scene from World War Z

Today is the 29th Anniversary of the People’s Power Revolution (also known as EDSA I locally, there are EDSA II and III revolutions as well) in the Philippines. 614 more words


Brad Pitt Blue Jacket From "World War Z"

The Brad Pitt Jacket for sale at Affordable Price. From The Movie “World War Z”. Brad Pitt Character as Gerry Lane in World War Z, Blue Jacket for Mens is made from Cotton Fabric and Inner Viscose Lining with Buttoned neckline. 8 more words