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World War Z 2 Gets a Release Date

I still have mixed feelings about the original WORLD WAR Z. Admittedly, I didn’t really enjoy the book all that much. The film is entertaining, but the ending was very flawed and the CGI zombies were terrible. 118 more words

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World War Z book review

Max Brooks writes World War Z as if the worst of the zombie apocalypse has passed. In a Q&A interview style, Max Brooks writes the first-hand accounts of a variety of people effected by and involved in the zombie apocalypse. 434 more words


The Potential for the Zombie Virus, Part 5: The Impact of the Zombie Virus on Society, Its Aftermath and Recovery

Presently, this is science fiction although the presence of flesh-eating bacteria and the media flood regarding avian flu and mad cow disease has brought paranoia with companies issuing hand sanitizer and disposable sanitizing towels.   1,074 more words


Nerd Update #013

BREAKING NEWS: Supergirl pilot leaked. In other news: Luthor, Wonder Woman, World War Z, and Tinkerbell.

First the stories you probably care least about. Reese Witherspoon is set to head an upcoming live action movie about Tinkerbell.  624 more words

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World War Z - Max Brooks

Have you ever read a book with no plot? Have you ever read a book with no characters? If you ever read this book, the answer to both of those questions is “yes”. 336 more words