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The Eye of Horus

Adhesives of this, muh li’l bogl, will by now be fully cognisant of my penchant for relishing coincidences.

It’s a neurological condition, brought on by having nothing much to do. 967 more words

Backpacking In Thailand

Getting in the mood


This, the 423rd Post, marks the third anniversary of muh li’l bogl! Happy birthday, BogPo. Three today.

I’m normally an October person, but obviously The Boglington Post (formerly themindbogls – I haven’t found out yet how you can formally change the name) was born under a different star. 320 more words

Apologies For Everything

Star trek pax romana part 6

“Commanders log, we are curently trying to find a phantom starship ! We suspect a hiden enemy is ploting to ruin us then perhaps to destroy us!” 941 more words

Star Trek

Star trek pax romana part 5

“Commanders log, a bateren cabinet minister has been murdered. The prime suspect my seccond in command lt. Andrea tyler. She has been taken into custody and is being questioned. 1,084 more words

Star Trek


ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED HERE: http://www.alexanderbackman.com/dry_bones_and_pentagons.html

By Alexander Backman

CRN®-FEB-05-2013- I am having a series of dreams in sequence that lay out a prophecy that is to come. 453 more words

End Of Days

One Soviet sub officer averted World War Three

Hat tip to Washington’s Blog.

I probably owe my life, along with most Americans, Europeans and Russians who were alive on October 27, 1962, to Vasily Arkipov, a Soviet submarine officer whose name I’d never heard of until this morning. 325 more words

War And Peace

World War III Has Started

by Greg Hunter

Analyst and trader Gregory Mannarino says, “We are deeply engaged in an economic war against Russia. This is a collective collusion that is very scary. 96 more words