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So, you want to be an International Nurse in Australia do you?

My application process from the very beginning. Early on in our relationship, Dan and I knew that traveling would be a big part of our lives together.  1,181 more words

Guest Post by Lauren

Hello my dear readers! I’m so excited to bring to you today a young woman who is so talented and caring. We met through the blogging world and once I read her blog, I wanted her to share with all of you. 1,013 more words


Eurotrip, part nine: End of the road

And like that, it’s all over – I’m back in Virginia looking over pictures taken half a world away and reminiscing over memories of a great adventure. 960 more words


Eurotrip, part eight: Weekend getaway to the Riviera

Whew! After blogging like a fiend over the last few days, I think I’ve finally caught up. April is almost over and my excursion in Europe is almost at an end. 882 more words


Eurotrip, part seven: A real champagne room, a pilgrimage, and more cathedrals

It sounds incredibly snobbish to say that I was over being in Paris, but my feelings when I returned to the city reflected just that. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved being here, it’s just that after spending the first part of the month wandering around, going to the museums, hitting the tourist spots, and eating baguettes and cheese as a meal, I was ready for a change of scenery. 1,627 more words


Eurotrip, part six: Gateway to Scotland

Love at first sight. They say it doesn’t happen often, that for some it may never happen at all, that it’s all just fodder for silly songs and poetry. 683 more words


Eurotrip, part five: Bella Napoli

There is something rather empowering about traveling on your own. I’ve often received strange looks when I’ve told others that I’m going on some grand trip by myself. 1,139 more words