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The Secret

The seed which
The ripe date contains in its
Heart is the secret of the palm
Tree from the beginning of all

source: Kahlil Gibran, A Treasury of Kahlil Gibran
image: Google, Date Palm Tree


CANADA: Thomas King's 'Green Grass, Running Water'

As long as the grass is green and the waters run. It was a nice phrase, all right. But it didn’t mean anything. It was a metaphor.

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Satire Projects with 10th Grade World Lit II Classes

Today was my first day with Mrs. E’s World Lit II classes. They just finished reading Voltaire’s Candide and discussing elements of satire. In order to give them some time to play with this genre, I created a project that would allow the students to create their own satires about current issues or events in their own lives. 427 more words


His Real Self

Man is empowered by God to hope and hope fervently,
until that for which he is hoping takes the cloak of
oblivion from his eyes, whereupon he will at last view… 40 more words


The View from Here - Books from Indonesia

Welcome to the world of books. In the last feature in this series we travelled to Colombia to hear from Laura Sesana about writers and the literary scene from her native country. 549 more words

World Literature

The Fortunate Fool

The fool that knows he is a fool is more
fortunate than a fool who believes he is wise.
This person only makes trouble for himself… 18 more words