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Dr. Simon Atkins 2015 Frequency Shift Update on Cosmic Awakening Show - In5D.com

Published on Jul 3, 2015 by in5d

Dr. Simon Atkins discusses the 2015 Frequency Shift with Michelle Walling. Simon calls this frequency shift “Wave X”, which is an intergalactic wave of energy that he believes will bring people advanced metaphysical abilities starting in September of 2015. 71 more words

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Jim Self - Planetary Update for July 2015

Published on Jul 1, 2015 by MasteringAlchemy

Every month, Jim Self “takes the pulse” of the energies currently affecting us and the planet.

Free eBook – The Shift — What it is… Why it’s Happening… How it’s Going to Affect You and The Mastering of Alchemy… 41 more words

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Dr. Simon Atkins Predictions - HERE IT COMES! - The Frequency Shift Into September 2015 - In5D.com

HERE IT COMES! The Frequency Shift Into September 2015 – Dr Simon Atkins’ Predictions

In5D June 28, 2015 

by Martin,  Transients.info

The purpose of this long article is to bring together a number of independent sources of material that together point to the next three months being a highly significant time period culminating in a ‘frequency shift’ towards the end of September. 1,643 more words

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CULTURE: Not Quite Satire, Not Just News

One wonders if Jon Stewart regrets training the proteges that have equaled and rivaled him. Of course, they have neither the longevity nor the cultural foothold that the… 861 more words


Satisfaction, Social Media & Reality

Ya’ll, things are going to get deep here during this post. Life goals vs. temporary satisfaction, just sayin’

Is it just me or is a new social media site released every week? 683 more words


The Weekly Toast III: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Imagine a surly day in Stratford; gently the rain trickles down the facade of the Church of the Holy Trinity. The passing of William Shakespeare almost coincides directly with the death of one of his chief equals, unknown to him in life: Miguel de Cervantes. 706 more words


Lisbon 1755 and July’s Full Moon

It is always curious to go back and look at historical events in light of “could we have foretold this?” Our current point in time is the Lisbon 1755 Earthquake and Tsunami which occurred Nov 1, 1755 in which it is estimated over 100,000 people perished. 404 more words

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