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The Nepal Earthquake

In an effort to stay on top of any changes to what I’ve been seeing for 10 years regarding this 2nd event of 3, I am looking at the Nepal Earthquake in relation to the Venezuelan event I’m seeing. 498 more words

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Questions from Commenters

“Do you see any connection with the New Madrid fault and the 2nd event coming in Aug/Sept 2015?”K.J.

I don’t see a connection and I think the Madrid fault will become only slightly active, but not dangerous. 198 more words

Earth Changes

International Relief Effort Underway To Aid Survivors In Nepal

LONDON (AP) — There is still time to save lives — that’s why governments and aid agencies Sunday rushed doctors, volunteers and equipment to Nepal without waiting for the dust to settle. 925 more words

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Jim Wille - Encore - US Dollar Rejected - Prepare Your Family

Published on Apr 23, 2015 by Reluctant Preppers

ENCORE Interview (originally published Nov 2014)

Jim WIllie, editor of the Hat Trick newsletter available on the website GoldenJackass.com, outlines the seismic shift that has been ongoing for decades away from the US Dollar, accelerating in recent years and months across the globe. 108 more words

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Simon Parkes chats with Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connections - April 21, 2015

Published on Apr 21, 2015 by Galactic Connections

What a fascinating two part series this is! Simon Parkes and Alexandra Meadors review how growing up in a home filled with espionage lead to an extraordinary exposure to some of the most significant conspiracies in the world such as Operation Paperclip. 165 more words

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Jim Willie _ National Default, Dollar Collapse and Global Economic Collapse - Parts 1 and 2

Published on Apr 24, 2015 by FinanceandLiberty.com

– What is the difference between money, legal tender, and the U.S. dollar? ►0:27… 96 more words

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