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Britain's secret war on ISIS: Cameron gives SAS the green light to launch killing raids on terror leaders inside Syria and Iraq

From Mail Online, Jul 5, 2015


British special forces have been given the green light to launch raids deep into ISIS-held territory in Syria and Iraq, senior intelligence sources have revealed. 252 more words

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You think the Ukraine is independent? Think again!

from The Saker: 

Colonel Cassad just posted this amazing document.  Reading this opus it is pretty darn clear who runs Banderastan and how.  I actually feel sorry for the poor Ukies who actually sincerely believe that they are independent.  19 more words

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Recent Sinai Attacks; killing the beast-“We are not in the aftermath of the so called Arab Spring, Egypt and the rest of the Arab countries are deeply engulfed in a real war”

The recent Sinai attacks won’t be the last, more and even deadlier attacks will take place not only in Sinai, but in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Tunisia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Libya.

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Syria Winning This War with Israel Hands Down

For Americans who are unaware, there is a war going on, one where thus far we may well have the first genuinely clear enemy in half a dozen generations.  

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"The US Needs War Every 4 Years To Maintain Economic Growth"

“This is not a secret,” explains Kris Roman, director of geopolitical research center Euro-Rus, “The whole economy is built on the military theme: to maintain its economic growth, the United States needs a war every 4 years, otherwise the economic growth slows down.”

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The Pentagon’s “2015 Strategy” for Ruling the World

On Wednesday, the Pentagon released its 2015 National Military Strategy, a 24-page blueprint for ruling the world through military force. While the language in the report is subtler and less incendiary than similar documents in the past, the determination to unilaterally pursue US interests through extreme violence remains the cornerstone of the new strategy.

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