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The New Government's Vendettas & Misguided Measures are Squandering Sri Lanka's Future Prospects

Neil Karunaratne, courtesy of the Daily Mirror, 30 March 2015, where the title is “Holding Back Development.” 

Ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa in a message read in a political rally held in Ratnapura, last week alleged that the current administration has stalled… 1,643 more words

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The Question of 'Gloabalization'

From the time we have taken up our academic duties, whether in school or in the college, we have been bombarded with an idea of ‘Globalization’ and its ‘uniqueness from everything that existed in the past’. 1,104 more words

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Iran's Anti-Semitism Can't Be Reasoned With

As Passover approaches, the Jewish world has yet to fully turn its attention from the earlier holiday of Purim. Purim recalls the efforts of a Persian anti-Semite to kill the Jews. 762 more words

Tibetan Leader: Chinese Government Can’t Choose Next Dalai Lama

Correction appended, March 30, 2015.

Since 1959, when the current Dalai Lama escaped from Tibet, his tireless efforts for freedom for Tibetans and peace in the world has irked and outraged the Chinese Communist Party. 682 more words

Is America Truly Prepared?

Inkwell Institute

It has been awhile since I posted something by the Inkwell Institute……world events have been changing so rapidly that it did not leave enough time for my research and analysis…..hopefully that can change and I can once again go back to finding the problems that we as a country need to be focused on in these days of conflict. 483 more words

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The One-Way Ticket on Germanwings's Flight U-9523

Greetings Readers,

It is somewhat tragically gratifying that the reason for the crash of Germanwing’s Flight 9523 with 150 passengers and crew aboard is cut and dry. 1,033 more words


A 6-Point Plan to Defeat ISIS in the Propaganda War

For the first decade of its life, al-Qaeda was publicity-shy. Outside of a small group of people who closely followed terrorism, few people even knew al-Qaeda’s name until it started attacking Westerners. 1,327 more words