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Serials and Collections-My New Approach (Part 1)

Those of you who follow my blog and my Facebook group know full-well the frustrations I have experienced while trying to write Glass. Trying to get this plot to go right was like trying to straighten my hair on a humid Georgia day: no matter what special treatments I apply, no matter what “settings” I used,no matter how many times I go over it section by section, it.just.wasn’t.going.to.sit.right.  994 more words


More Active Me

Despite my best intentions, this past year has been a sluggish one. For me, preparing for comprehensive exams meant a lot of anxiety and a lot of sitting at my desk. 322 more words



I am trying to write a story for the first time in years.no poems no prose just a story It’s harder than I thought. It’s like I have to teach myself to write like myself again. 13 more words


☆ Protected Heart {Friday Art}

***Before I get into this weeks painting – I wanted to let you know about a huge give away happening on the LilliBean Facebook page – I am celebrating 400 likes so pop over for a free entry… 468 more words


Elizaret II

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!



Or should I say, “Drip-O-Licious!”Playing with drip techniques and pretty much lovin’ it. Yup, a whole lot of layered, dimensional goodness right there on the easel.