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Fitness Fashion for less

Working out and being active is definitely a hobby of mine. I love being active and breaking a sweat! Because I workout everyday, after a while, I have no more workout clothes! 220 more words


Stay Fit with My Model Workout

Since it’s summer my regular martial arts practices are paused. I try to stay fit on my own using this amazing website. Keep on reading to learn more about it. 688 more words


Post-Workout Donuts

As I look at Instagram, I’ve noticed something trending amongst many fitness enthusiasts. Last year, gourmet hipster burgers and candied bacon seem to be the toast of the town, but something more enticing, fatty, and calorically dense has arrived. 591 more words

delayed onset muscle soreness

Is something I embrace. I look forward to being sore the day after a workout.

In fact… as an MS person… I’m nervous when I’m not. 176 more words

Home Training Workout 29/06: Upperbody, Functional Training

Looking to get my upper body kick started with functional training. I use my flat and the park in this session to target the right muscle groups effectively and get some sun! 203 more words


To Boot Camp or Not To Boot Camp?

There is a huge amount of hype around detoxing/Boot Camping our lives– but are these activities really good for us?

9 months ago I signed up to a Boot Camp in Ibiza with my sister – and to say that it has changed my life is a bit of an understatement. 693 more words