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What is so great about working in a vet clinic?

I have just got off the skype phone with my mother a few minutes ago. We were talking about the usual things; how her friends are doing, her book club’s next reading list, and how my dad nearly got killed by a boulder in Bhutan and saved another man’s life in the process, the usual. 444 more words



Hello. In the middle of a tricky spell at the moment, and working out what might work best for me. I’ve asked for an appointment with my CBT counsellor, it may well be a one off to ease my immediate fears over certain issues (they will not be disclosed here). 252 more words

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4 Tips For Writing While Working a Full-Time Job

Hello everyone! As some of you know, I recently got a full-time job so that I can (hopefully) continue to eat while writing. Since, I know that many other writers are in the same boat with their labor of love and little pay, I thought I’d write down some tricks I’ve learned to make sure that I write, while still making it to work on time. 834 more words


20 Things That Distract You When Working From Home

1. The comfort of the chairs and/or lack of comfort of the chairs

It’s either this chair is too comfortable and you keep melting into it… 968 more words

May 05, 2015 at 07:04AM

River Dog Cliche by pogmomadra

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Welcome to Your Disabled Future

Are you disabled and struggling to find work?  Or maybe your current employer isn’t as flexible or as understanding as you would like.

I discovered that It’s a tough working world for disabled people. 52 more words