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Welcoming March

I can’t believe another month had passed by already and it’s been a month since I’m back at work.  Everyday, I constantly trying hard to get the work done, in between pumping and meeting, before 5 pm.   53 more words



The morning my son returned to school after February vacation, I opened up his backpack to clean it out.  Among the stale crumbs, random legos, and broken pencils, I found a handmade card. 1,293 more words


Hobbits, anyone?

Good morning Everyone!

As we drove to the store yesterday, to the complete and utter mystification of everyone in the car, Kayla announced,”I need a hobbit!”   To aid her obviously befuddled parents, she added helpfully, “You  know, like soccer or knitting or something.” 61 more words

Working Mom

My First Accupuncture Appointment

As part of my get healthier initiative I have decided to do something I have always wanted to try acupuncture. After my initial assessment and treatment I thought I would share the experience with you incase there is anyone out there interested in trying it. 525 more words


I'm sorry but it's been a day or two...

I’m so sorry guys but work has been kicking my butt. I pulled a crazy double yesterday and Sundays are always busy. Recap: Gigi had a chance to play with her frog and Lizard habitat and loved it. 78 more words

Being Her Mother One Year Later

1 year and 1 week later.

I still wake up tired.

I am still insecure. Every day I question my parenting ability and second guess myself in every. 87 more words

Winding Down After a Productive Day

Well, I got most of the stuff on my list done for today. I didn’t do any laundry and I only cleaned the kitchen but, other than that I did everything. 280 more words