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Disaster Seminar 22 -- Concluding Remarks

The preparation for a Disaster sounds like
a lot of work!

It isn’t as much as you think.

Keep in mind that a disaster will occur. 13 more words

Working At Home

My Invitation To You

I became a software engineer in 1966 due to an experiment
that I had performed. I have never taken a course in
Software Engineering. Over the years, I have continued… 82 more words

Working At Home

My WAHM Learnings

Give every working mother that you know an opportunity to work and earn in the comforts of her own home and I bet you 90% percent of them would accept your offer without batting an eyelid. 694 more words


Disaster Seminar 21 -- Accounting Disaster Preparation

The accounting requirements are as follows:

1. Don’t use paper-less billing,
a. Loss of internet equals not receiving
your bill.
b. Multiple copies of bills means you… 63 more words

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Software "Breaks"!

A 17 year old sailor on a submarine must be able to
fix a critical piece of electronic equipment within
15 minutes.

Critical submarine hardware has the required subsystems… 87 more words

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Disaster Seminar 20 -- Long Term Backup Storage

When the backup folder has little less
than 4 giga-bytes:

1. Prepare two DVD’s from the backup folder

2. Store one of these DVD’s near the machine. 24 more words

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WhatifWe127 -- My Internet Interface

Hopefully, this post will answer many of the questions that I have received about the Internet services that I am receiving.

First, please understand that I do not have a team. 87 more words

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