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The MacGyver Backdrop

So, today I decided to put my little project to the test.

My lovely sister and her daughter Makayla offered to help test my handmade backdrop, whom I lovingly call… 440 more words


How to use Webparts360 to build business solutions for Office365? (Part 3)

In the last posting, we showed you how to load up Webparts360 into your Office365 sub site. In this article, you will see how we use it to create a project’s expenses approval system. 159 more words


Moving a tag on a Git branch to a different commit

Today I slipped up when assigning a release tag to a Git repo. After committing my changes and pushing them to GitHub I tagged the HEAD as v1.0.0 and pushed the tags to the remote. 426 more words


R makefile definitions now on Github

GNU make doesn’t provide standard definitions for producing .Rout files from.R or .pdf files via stitch, knitr or rmarkdown.

You can download common.mk  https://github.com/petebaker/r-makefile-definitions and include this in any Makefile with the lin… 8 more words


Unorthodox Solutions Part 2

Well, I’ve now published two blog posts and done a slew of other writing activities on the phone rig since I’ve started this adventure. Here are some updates on things I’m discovering about the rig: 619 more words


PowerShell Activity: Issues with GUIDs in Workflow Activities and Sync Rules

I recently faced a problem with GUIDs generated in a PowerShell Workflow Activity. As you can see in my previous blog posts I use the FIM… 742 more words

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