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Portable Darkbox

It was built fairly quickly. Maybe not… well, it took 2 weeks on and off as I do have a day job at this moment. 767 more words


Export an R-Script with highlighted syntax

I was searching the last days for an easy and convenient way to export my scripts to PDF or HTML in order to print them in color. 234 more words


The problem

The problem, it seems…is screens.

Screens are everywhere…on my synth, on my desk at work, on my DAW, on my phone….I am sick of screens. I’ve spent my life staring at them and I don’t want to stare at them anymore. 70 more words


How do you find the creation date for a TRIRIGA BO or component?

Is there a way to see what the Creation Date is for a TRIRIGA BO, Form, Workflow, Queries and other components? In addition, is there a way to know which userid created a TRIRIGA BO, Form, Workflow, Query, or other component? 99 more words


View and share files wherever you are

Have you ever wanted to show off some vacation photos at a party? Or share a couple of docs with a coworker in the hallway? Instead of bringing your computer or carrying a thumb drive everywhere, just use the Dropbox mobile app. 220 more words


Case Study: Distributor Automates Accounts Payable

Case Study: Distributor Ditches Paper Pileups for AP Paperless Workflow; Loves the Latitude – PDF

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