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The Precariot and Guaranteed Basic Income

The concept of guaranteed basic income for all was originally formulated by neoliberal economists as a way of the state subsidising low paid jobs and eliminating the need for unemployment benefit; but it has since been embraced by more reformist academics as a potential liberating innovation, such as Guy Standing of precariot fame (Standing 2011, 171-173). 744 more words

Unite Youth

Barista Blues

With tax, the mug of coffee came to $2.66. His lips thinned as he pulled a crumpled dollar bill from his pocket, and then another. He counted out two quarters, a dime, and a nickel while glaring at the counter. 832 more words

About Me

Reform Movements of 19th Century America

As you read this, I’m freshly back (and brain dead, in a good way) from the Historical Novel Society conference. Will post about that once my brain has downloaded all the new knowledge. 1,310 more words

19th Century America

"The Internet is NOT the Answer" by Andrew Keen, QUOTES Part 3

Wikipedia is written by a crew that is 90% male. According to the Guardian’s Anne Perkins Wikipedia gives “a world according to young white western men with a slight personality defect.” 639 more words

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‘Modern slavery is closer than you think’, warn police

Another worrying article about slavery in the UK, the police are now warning about this and asking people to look out for the signs of human trafficing. 292 more words

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Meet One Of The First Home Care Workers In The Country To Win A $15 Minimum Wage - BY BRYCE COVERT POSTED ON JUNE 29, 2015 AT 4:03 PM

Kindalay Cummings-Akers has been working as a personal care attendant, caring for the elderly and disabled in their homes, for nearly a decade. But she will soon be making $15 an hour for the first time ever after she and her union, 1199SEIU, reached an agreement with Massachusetts Gov. 241 more words

Income Inequality

Morality and Markets

by Kevin Nugent

“Abortion” and the “sanctity of human life” are terms that are thrown around a lot in American politics. Abortion activists are some of the most committed, vocal and visible activists in the United States. 761 more words