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When 2 sides of a situation Become 1 problem 

I’ve had a lot of conflicting thoughts lately with no time to expand on them. Work/life balance has been insanely skewed towards the work end, bringing me to the first of 3 scenarios: 425 more words


Happiness in the end of June

It’s Monday already? Wow..
Last night I think it still Saturday night.. LOL

And i’m wrong.. :D
Didn’t expect to find my self on the last couple days of June 2015. 132 more words

Infinity Talk

Your soul is like an appendix

You know that thing I do where I say I’m all confused and don’t know what day it is? Yeah, that again.

This week has been a strange mixture of satisfying and irritating. 915 more words

Weekly Round-Ups

Back in my (old) comfort zone

26th June, 2015. 1:05pm

Okay, so I guess I lied. Sort of. I didn’t exactly “go back to blogging” after that last post, evidently. Actually no. 843 more words


5 Things You Need To Know About The Girl Who's Hard To Handle

They’ve told me that they put in the calls, they’ve put in the money, that I’ve just turned around and said thank you, what else. They tell me I get caught up in my work, I’ve put them in the backseat. 595 more words

A Picture's Worth...

They say the cover of a book should emulate the message and meaning of the story. It should visually draw in the reader, leaving them intrigued and wanting to know more. 668 more words

Blog Posts

The price of perfectionism

Why blog? And perhaps more importantly, why blog anonymously?

Writing has always been a safe place for me. I’ve tinkered with stories for many, many years although they generally remain unfinished. 563 more words