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How I Met My Boss-3 (Workaholism)!

A true workaholic boss is the one who finds out means to assign job to others and also finds a fruitful assignment for himself.

A true workaholic boss is one who leaves home after you! 133 more words


Confessions of a Workaholic

Let’s get real here. In college, I hardly went to work. To be honest, it was a mix of “wow, I have a slight cough…can’t go to work!” and “yeah I’ll totally pick up your shift, his shift, her shift, all the shifts!” Now, I am most definitely “pick up all the shifts!” Staying home when I’m not scheduled a day off kills my soul. 412 more words


BDJ and the Bellas!

Sigh. It’s been a year already since I left Viviamo! Inc. and to be honest I kinda miss it, not just because of the girls I’ve been close too and the Bellas I’ve met but also because of the workload. 416 more words

Bdj Box

Mood: Flailing then Steady

This has been my mentality for the past two nights doing PM shifts with the new girl at work and today is Day 6/7. We have been quite busy at the hotel and its not the Asian groups we actually have none of those but we have all corporate guests! 116 more words

The Diary Entries

Disconnect to connect

Once you start working, and get involved into a few important roles, undertake a few responsibilities (how well you to take them up is a different question altogether)… you start taking your work everywhere. 565 more words


Life for Women

Did you know that …….

  • only 15% of women get at least 8 hours of sleep at night?
  • 43% of first marriages end in divorce?
  • 304 more words

Writing 101, Anyone?

23rd March, 2015. 4:29pm

Writing 101 is back in April and I am joining. Anyone here who’s up for it? I know I can barely keep up with my every day life, but I am absolutely adding this course into my already busy weekly schedule. 67 more words

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