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Pastry Chef at Flordeliza

Once upon a time in Rizal, there was a group of network looking for a Culinary School for their “teleserye” last April 13, 2015, Monday a Location Manager from ABSCBN visited us at PACE Manila asking if they shoot Flordeliza on Wednesday. 490 more words


Cooped Up.

Dear Readers,

I spent the whole week stuck at home, half hiding from the world.

I was forced to take a full five days of sick leave – I think I maybe took that many days sick in all of my Grad Year, never all at once.  995 more words


Busy Bee

16th April, 2015. 3:21pm

Busy day today. Just slipping in a few minutes to say I’ll be doing my assignments later rather than now, because we’re about to start our Heart of Gold full discussion over at ONCEPodcast. 74 more words

Random Ramblings

"I see Workaholics. They're everywhere. And they don't even Know Their Workaholics."

Anyone get the movie reference???  Yes, the Sixth Sense…

Hello all!  Moving forward, I’ll be interspersing some articles that I find relevant to me as a leader of a congregation and a family. 269 more words


My Husband Is A Workaholic - Group Therapy Thursday

A stay at home mom needs some advice on how to deal with her workaholic husband. Check out what she has to say.


I’m having some issues at home and hoping you can help me. 132 more words


Negotiating a Contract

There are many things that go into negotiating a contract. The most important thing (usually) is the sales price, though every part of the contract can be negotiated and can alter the sales price ultimately. 328 more words


Hey Loves!

It’s been a while since I posted, but I did not forget u guys! I had a bit of writers block with a mix of work related stress. 423 more words