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The Five Basics for Life Balance:

I can live my today’s because of how I lived my yesterdays. However there was a time in my life where raising a family, work, attending school, and managing my health were difficult. 412 more words

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Do it for her.

There is an episode of The Simpsons, which explains why there are no pictures of Maggie in their house. The upshot being that Homer has used them all to amend Mr Burns’ ‘DON’T FORGET: YOU’RE HERE FOREVER’ sign to read DO IT FOR HER. 356 more words



Love is like money.

*If you give it to me when I don’t need it, I’ll save it or waste it. And probably spend it on someone else who’s available when I’m ready… 1,495 more words

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#28daysofwriting Days 23 - 27: Gone in a flash!

So, this week has been a  blur.  How is it that some weeks we spend just chasing our tails for them always to be elusively beyond reach?   567 more words

How to build a business around your life

According to the government, you would file taxes as a “Self Employed Contractor.” People would even say, “you’re a 1099,” for short. If you had your own DBA (Doing Business As) License, you would be called a “Sole Proprietor.” If you and a partner started a business you could file as a “General Partnership.” From there, you can incorporate, LLC, S-Corp, etc. 783 more words

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"Hello, world!"

“Hello, world!”

Tagline: “Wanton Kittens Make Sober Cats”

“wanton kittens make sober cats” proverbial saying, early 18th century, meaning that someone who in youth is light-minded and lascivious may be soberly behaved in later life.” 562 more words


Doing What You Know versus Being Who You Are


I had an aha moment and I want to share it with you.

My brother used to call me a “human doing” because, as a (sort of) recovering Type A personality person, I was always busy.   559 more words