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The Almost-Man excerpt

She could write. It came easy to her, like breathing. There was a voice in her head telling her what words to put down. Like turning on a water faucet, the sentences just came pouring out of her without trying. 469 more words

Work In Progress

Trabajando en la portada de capítulo para Blueprint

Ha sido difícil decidir la composición para la portada del capítulo 1. Originalmente entrarían en escena casi todos los personajes de la obra. Sin embargo, esta idea fue descartada por una mucho más íntima y sincera con respecto a la historia, queriendo mostrar el contraste y la conjunción entre dos personajes. 44 more words

Albert Weand

Who would say

Hard yellow light bled through the sky, and the world became nostalgic. Even the road looked dimmer, darker, more burnt sienna. The tall sky had been built with layer upon layer of dense color, each blending to give an illusion of blue. 140 more words

Indie Author

The Raven King & Ivy, work in progress

The medieval magician and monarch, the ‘Raven King’ from Susanna Clarke’s ‘Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell’.
Pencil and acrylics on very old crunchy paper, 8×11.5″ 6 more words


Ch 23: The Horse

Lizzie had not ridden a horse since her arrival, which, despite the sunny weather must have been months ago. “A lifetime ago,” she muttered. She shifted the bag of bread and cheese on her shoulder— Bri had insisted she take provisions— and walked to the stable. 1,376 more words

Pour your heart into it.

Have been going crazy on Hugh Macleod’s books recently as mentioned a few days back, and in one of the chapters inside Evil Plans (his 2nd book), he recommended a read. 97 more words

Simple Work