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Part 2 of the claaawwwwww

Marvel Vector 021. Lol who is that in the green leotard? Check out the full character on my page.

Have a grrreat weekend everyone. Have fun lepak-ing. 73 more words

Simple Work

Marsden Online Archive

It still amazes me that I can sit on my couch of an evening (fire crackling, tv blaring, #1 son immersed in the XBox) and yet the miracle that is the Internet means I can read a journal from 1814 in the original. 613 more words

Elizabeth Macarthur

Control Datum excerpt

“If you have your self under control,  you’ll never need to control others.”

Under the heading “Observations” in Louie’s notebook

(c) 2015, S.A. Kravetz, The Bully Path.com

Work In Progress

When Hard Places Get Smooth

Love feels warm and open, inside the cavity of my chest, as deep as feelings can go.  I couldn’t have told you six months ago what it felt like to feel.  533 more words

Boaatt's Life

Burn Memories excerpt

You can burn your bad memories like the Hindus or you can let them keep burning inside you. Choose wisely.

– Louie’s journal entry

(c) 2015, S.A. 8 more words

Work In Progress

Where to Draw the Line excerpt

Drawing a line is power. You decide where it goes & who can cross-over it & who can’t. Instead of  making “boundaries,” we should all make “lines.” A line is definite & fierce & there is no wiggle room. 24 more words

Work In Progress

State of Mind excerpt

Who ever said poverty is a state of mind never lived in a cold place with the heat turned off. If you’re ever forced into poverty, move to a nice warm state like California or Arizona. 53 more words

Work In Progress