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Want Something Natural: Starting points

I quite like the look of some of my experimental prints so I thought I’d share them here. I love the red on yellow of the second print, however the red ink drum for the risoprint machine isn’t working very well at the moment, resulting in patchy prints.

Art Foundation

I'm Link not Zelda.

“Stop calling me by the wrong name, bitch. I’ll cut you if I have to.” ~Link

LOL. Common mistake, cos the titles are always Legend of Zelda, and all you see on the cover art is Link. 85 more words

Simple Work


The flight was uneventful. I watched the clouds, I watched the color of the sky brighten and then darken. I watched the roadways unfold and disappear. 192 more words


Old men

Collie was on the same flight. We could rest our conversation – what conversation, my goddamn soliloquy – until later, if at all. 337 more words


Brownie 127

“When I turned 16 in August, my parents bought me a Brownie 127 camera,” I said. “I took it everywhere, even when there was nowhere to go. 215 more words



But the years, boy, the years. The way they pile up like flowers in a ditch. You start to see their decay, and you can sometimes still smell their sweetness, even as they rot, their fragrance turning into something else. 191 more words