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It's Not About the Dress

My office is like your office. We were talking about The Dress on Friday.

It’s white and gold!, proclaimed one camp.

No, it’s black and blue! 1,104 more words


Headspins and ticklefests

Well I said that I would have to hit the ground running and I’m pretty sure I ran a marathon today! My head is spinning already and it’s only day one! 497 more words



Sometimes I find comforting coincidences in my daily routine that give me a lift for the rest of the day. I was sorting blocks in one of the exhibits when I came across this one. 92 more words


March 1, 2015 Vital Signs: A Letter Home

That was a recent winter morning here in the southwest quadrant of Vermont, USA, rare sunlight dappling the woods behind the house. Lately our days have started with temperatures at or below zero, typically without sunshine. 907 more words


The Joys of Working in a Bookshop - #19

Man comes in and asks for the latest Baldacci. I’m still half-helping somebody else, so I point it out to him instead of walking him there. 105 more words


Dissonance Intensifies, Ceramic Cracks

Dear Sister,

My hand hovers over the Send key for what must be the twentieth time in the last thirty seconds. My stomach is cringing from some absurd mix of fear and gut-wrenching guilt, and yet somehow elated from the thought of impending freedom. 205 more words


The Joys of Working in a Bookshop - #18

Man comes in to pick up a language book he’s ordered. While I’m looking for the book, he says some things in a language I can’t understand. 87 more words