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DVC Day 12

(This Post is part of my 30 day Data Visualization Challenge – you can follow along using the ‘challenge’ tag!)

I, too, was disappointed in yesterday. 170 more words


Another Day, Another Dollar

Light foam floated on top of Christina’s coffee. She stared at it, watching the bubbles as, one by one, they popped into non-existence.

Coffee was one of the few joys in Christina’s day. 157 more words

Short Story

What Career?

I am 31 years old as we speak. But I still am feeling anxious and worried when it comes to my career. I do not feel like I have one. 256 more words


Pine Nut Flavored

Customer: I’d like a triple tall pine nut latte.
Me: Excuse me?

Customer: Triple tall, pine nut.

Me: I’m sorry, did you say hazelnut?

Customer: Pine nut. 66 more words


On My Reluctance with Job-Seeking

Unlike when I’m writing random stories for Wattpad and in my notebooks, I get pretty insecure when it comes to making resumes and cover letters. I almost can’t stand it – I wish I could show up at the workplace and do the work to prove myself to some extent instead of just handing someone this brief summary of random work I’ve done and leaving it at that for the day. 458 more words


Acclimating to life in Santa Fe

On Home. On Health. On Work. On Heart.

And I mean – acclimating to Santa Fe! I forgot how dehydrated the desert/mountain air makes me. I’ve been back for one week exactly and had persistent headaches which finally started to go away mid-week. 352 more words



Sorry for lack of posts – as I explained earlier I’m still not satisfied with the look of the blog and trying to investigate different designs before I get this up and running fully. 264 more words