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Verbal vs. Oral

You know how we often refer to a spoken agreement as a verbal agreement, thinking that the term “verbal” means “spoken”?

Well, it turns out that we have not been entirely accurate in using the term “verbal.” 226 more words

Words And Phrases

Tap This Location Out: The Origins of Select Fire Service Terms

When I was a young lad, just entering into my career in public safety, I received little training on radio communications, other than don’t cuss on the air. 1,412 more words

Fire Service History

You or Me?

It’s the conflict within you. Will you call back or ignore? Will you give up or not? Will not fall for the soft voice and the memory or will you face the facts? 303 more words

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Rainy Day

For the most part this has been a dismal day when it comes to weather. I had to go out for a short shopping expedition this morning. 382 more words

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"It could all get very interesting or all go horribly wrong"

“Everyone’s been talking about flavours of IoT for many, many years… “Interesting” applications may be entirely beside the point. “Interesting” stuff tends not to be fully baked, has too many options, breaks easily. 77 more words

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