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V- Venomous Words. Top 8 Bible Verses

 As a writer, words are powerful. They create a world that didn’t exists before I put it on paper. Words have the power to give life to  towns, cities and people  that seem so real you want to sit at the coffee shop and have a chat. 424 more words

A To Z Blog Challenge


hei, entah mengapa rasa-rasanya ingin bertemu denganmu. bercerita banyak hal seperti dulu. mungkinkah, karena pertemuan kita yang tak sengaja senja itu?

punggung yang selalu aku lihat dari belakang yang selalu menggenggam tanganku erat, yang beberapa bulan lalu sempat hilang dan tak pernah nampak, muncul lagi. 87 more words



I understand it is a Friday, and not a Wordy Wednesday. But, as I am just now returning I don’t want to wait until the coming Wednesday to share. 129 more words


Another Quote

“Writing is work – HARD work.  But it is one of the most satisfying jobs in the world.” – Ruby Saunders


Writing and Editing

I think that, when you decide to pursue a career as a writer, you’re deciding on a career as a writer and an editor.  A SELF editor, for sure, if nothing else. 6 more words