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The Absolute Horror of a Stalemate

I got deeper into the darkness, chasing after that multicolored light. I basked myself in its warm and finally tangible embrace. I was safe from the cries of the misconstrued, Ol’ Bat, Teenybopper, The Specialist, and the whole fucking lot of them. 316 more words

Sarah Samways


I’ve forgotten what you look like
But every once in a while
I’ll catch a glimpse of your eyes
In a passing reflection
Your lips, your nose… 69 more words


Life is Beautiful?

I am a strong proponent of my belief that life is beautiful.  And I’ve been confronted about that belief by more than one person.  And I’ve confronted myself on this a lot, especially recently.   217 more words


Gmail Folders

In a half-hearted attempt to organize the chaos that is life, my Gmail is full of color-coded folders.

Diabetes is red, like blood and rage and sunsets all in one. 186 more words



n. A genus of cephalapods of the family Loliginidæ, including several species of squid common off the coasts of America and Europe.

The word dates to the late 16th century and comes from the Latin… 29 more words


Cause and effect

Some days, words are enough to save you from annihilation.
Sometimes they will be the cause.