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It's done.

Have you ever had a random song slip inside your mind and play there for a while, and you wonder how it got there? But then you retrace your mental steps and figure out why? 211 more words


Why I'm reblogging stuff for a few days

My mind is presently capable of Twitter comments, and even that possibility is subject to reception perception.  There’s 2-cans-short-of-a-5-pack, and then there’s 2 braincells short of comatose. 245 more words


Reasons to be interested in two American movies: “Nothing But a Man” and “The Help”

An exceptionally good movie I watched last night on DVD is available on the internet and very much worth taking the time to see. It is “Nothing But a Man,” a low budget, independent film made in 1964, largely ignored by the public at the time. 2,293 more words


but its a wednesday.

in one of those moods again. where i miss things.

the type where i feel like standing up, walking away, and not looking back. the type where i spend my nights writing not-poetry, listening to silence. 240 more words




My History's Mysteries (and lies)

Today, I write about writing! Again. gawd, I am boring.

But language is a finicky tool. And being human, I, me and you too, must constantly struggle with its finesse and its cumbersome handles. 353 more words

Wednesday Wordage - Terpsichorean


Say: turp-si-kuh-ree-un

Maybe I’m just too predictable. I have fallen in love with this word after finding while looking for a word suitable for the… 101 more words