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Detox week (Day one)

So day one of my week of detoxing and trying out being a vegan, didn’t really get off to a good start… 202 more words


Memorial Day

Hello, all.

In honor of today, I want to talk about the┬ásubject of Memorial Day. Okay, granted, it’s not a cheerful subject, but it’s still noteworthy to talk about. 355 more words


They Call This Thing Blogging: Perhaps It's More

It starts with a thought in our minds, then travels to our fingers to the device we use to connect with the world.

Our words come forth like a waterfall on to the screen to be seen by people who only seem to exist in binary. 93 more words

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We live in the future

This is my first blog post by email! I enjoy the respite from technology that our long walks provide. I intend to do more writing, and wish to share of these dispatches on our blog during our PCT journey. 204 more words


Member of LGBT Community Pro Bullying?

WordPress blogger, and LGBT community member (Board of Directors of Youth Pride) Wildero64  has requested his own picture.

We have inquired fo Youth Pride if Wil is on the Board of Directors to determine the veracity of his claim. 179 more words

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Encouraging Life Quote - Develop Success From Failures

“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” – Dale Carnegie

Failures are not the real failures. They are the steps to build up your success future.

Encouraging Life

Art Critique For Noobs!

DrHashTag has created a most interesting piece of art.

I am moved to review it.

Time for a Reviews Krew blog!

The fractal imagery is an interesting choice representing a shattered mind. 117 more words

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