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Helping a pal figure it out...

I’m helping a pal figure out how to get his Custom Design and Fabrication business off of the ground and so far it’s been a blast. 317 more words

Wordpress Lessons

What I'm thinking...

I’m thinking that technology is the only way towards a safe career. I’m thinking my degree in Literature and my post graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing was a fantastic waste of more money than I care to recall. 357 more words

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Future Work For the Project

Now that the project is completed the team has recommended a few different things that can be done in the future to make the fuel cell much more marketable. 55 more words

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Why I Chose This Topic

I chose this topic because this year I have been working on the senior design project to develop this technology into an educational kit. Now that the project has come to a close we have managed to successfully have a functioning kit. 37 more words

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Welcome to my blog about the up and coming fuel cell technology being developed at FSU. This project is being developed by Dr. Ordonez and Dr. 31 more words

Wordpress Lessons

History of Stuart

Stuart was first settled in 1870. Incorporated 1914. Chartered 1925. Known as the County seat, Stuart was originally named Potsdam from 1893 to 1896 and was named by Otto Stypman one of the earliest settlers of Stuart (History of Martin County, by Janet Hutchinson) Otto Stypman and his brother, Ernest, came here in 1892 and were originally from Potsdam, Germany.



Welcome to my first WordPress Site! I am starting to learn how to make this kind of site for the first time. I hope I do a good job for being new to this! So welcome! Hope you enjoy :)