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the accident: blood & glass; souls released

they were victims of our madcap ways

I was the wild child, he my mentor

we paid the price… 214 more words

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

Word Cloud- Speckled Band

While reading “The Speckled Band” I noiteced many things that Holmes does to try to get the reader, thinking as to what the answer to the mystery is. 392 more words

Spring 2015 Blog

Was That a Madcap? - Wordle #50

When we react too soon, was that a madcap?
When the victim howls in pain, that’s a mishap
The uncertainties continued to gnaw on me… 154 more words


Mindlovesmisery Menagerie: One Difficult Wordle

This challenge from Mindlovesmisery today really wracked my brain–in fact I interrupted my own poem to complain(just a teensy bit).

Here’s the puzzle:

The wordle contains 12 words those words are: 236 more words

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Weekly Wordle - Car Finance

By: Amanda Gillam Mar 02, 2015 Weekly Wordle – Car Finance If you take our recent guide for car finance and process the contents through the Wordle website you get this “cloud art”:   Our guide explains how specialist car finance may help you afford to replace your current car – so if your car is giving you problems or you’re worried it is going to then maybe car finance is what you need. 44 more words

Wordle #50 Uncanny

Flagellation is essential to belief

A strap to blister, a victim to scale.

Never rise above your station

Never question unless

The answer can be persuaded… 129 more words