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Terrible HR - Eps 1. "Hiring"

It’s like everything that can go wrong in a job interview but the words are coming out of the mouth of HR.


The Glorification of Busy

Busy is a drug, that a lot of people are addicted to – Rob Bell

This idea that we’ve come to over-glorify being busy is, quite frankly, a load of bullshit.

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Word Vomit

Word Vomit: Fernweh


I fell in love with the word fernweh when I first read it in one of those “cool foreign words” posts online. I never thought that a German word would ever become one of my favorite words of any language. 298 more words


Get Outta My Line

When I worked in the Financial District, at rush hour, they always had about seven registers open in Dunkin’ Donuts- Six regular ones and one “express”. 117 more words

Word Vomit

Tales From the Couch Cushions

I have been thinking a lot  lately about Jeffrey and I’s friendship, for the obvious reasons.

The only time we ever spent alone was on the couch at Syd&Sass’s house. 1,913 more words

It's funny...

It’s funny, how a particular smell can bring forward tide of memories. It’s funny how holding your old toy in your now adult hands can make you feel like you’re 8 again. 123 more words


To Celebrate

To celebrate one of the most WONDERFUL legal decisions in the United States to date, I just wanted to write a quick post for you: 440 more words

Word Vomit