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Goodbye Dublin, Hello Cardiff - by Alex Woody

   Yesterday our group arrived in Cardiff, Wales. I severely underestimated how beautiful it would actually be. On our first full day in Cardiff we visited with Golley Slater, an advertising agency stationed in Cardiff. 311 more words


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Come and see me this week at these great venues…

Thursday night – acoustic sessions continue at KaBari Bar from 7pm
Friday – Kiama Inn from 9pm… 6 more words

Recognising The Value Of Cultural Arts

How to Not Die by the Cliffs - By Alex Woody

While I’ve walked great distances before, I can honestly say I don’t think my legs have ever been nearly as sore as they have today. Blistered and slightly bruised, my legs feel completely numb, and it was all completely worth it. 292 more words


A Tour of Guinness - by Alex Woody

Having never have left the country before, packing up and going to Europe was possibly one of the most intimidating things I have ever done. As someone who grew up in a small town in Kentucky, I had no idea what I should expect going into a new place with complete strangers, but so far it’s been a very warming and friendly experience. 222 more words


Etat Libre d'Orange's La Fin du Monde (2013)

My previous boss, who majored in geography and loved history, liked to share his knowledge in those subjects with people around him. Just before my vacation to visit the Yellowstone Park, his eyes lit up and enthusiastically told me that the Yellowstone National Park was a massive collapsed super-volcano. 379 more words

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True Detective ***/**

True Detective – guest reviewer: Eva Protosyngelou

Είχα ξεκινήσει με τα πρώτα 2 επεισόδια όταν είχε πρωτοβγεί και είπα να αφήσω τη σεζόν να τελειώσει για να τα δω μαζεμένα (μάλλον έπεισα τον εαυτό μου ότι αυτό θέλω να κάνω, γιατί ως γνωστόν, αν με τραβήξει κάτι απ’ την αρχή μου είναι αδύνατο να κάνω υπομονή). 24 more words