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The Bizarre Working Boombox Creations Of Tom Sachs

Infamous art world prankster and DIYer Tom Sachs has been making homemade boomboxes since childhood, often from unorthodox materials such as cinderblocks, plywood, and most recently, porcelain. 130 more words



The common spokeshave has not changed much in over a century.  The main types can be subdivided several ways but they are essentially, high or low angle with various shapes to the foot plate.  85 more words


DIY Ana White Teeter Totter/ Seesaw From Scrap Wood

When it’s -6 degrees outside, all you want to do is think about warmer weather. I was looking through some old pictures and stumbled across the pictures I took of the kids new Teeter Totter. 334 more words


In The Tool Chest

This post is the first in a series that will be going through each tool in my chest and going into some of the details about each of them. 640 more words


Shop, Houston, & Bowls.


About six months ago a friend of mine (Dr. Hooper) came over and helped me rearrange my shop. There were some big bulky shelves that my Dad had given me where I kept all my tools. 470 more words

Axe Porn

Ok, hold on there.  It’s not what you think. This story is for my friends (virtual and real life) who enjoy the study of bushcraft skills.   371 more words

Adventure Journal

Snow Day, Woodworking Day

Today I spontaneously found myself working on two woodworking projects that have been on hold in perpetuity for some time. This is unusual insofar as projects that have been on hold for a while tend to remain on hold, but also that I spontaneously did something on a weekend. 500 more words