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Heartwood Forest bluebells

I couldn’t resist it. A day off, and I was asked to put some signs up at Heartwood, so naturally I had to check on the bluebells in the ancient woodland. 234 more words


Heartwood Forest Bluebell Update

The bluebells are definitely coming along well at Heartwood now! It looked as though it was going to be a bumper year, and the woodland definitely hasn’t let us down! 135 more words


The pond by Well Wood

There has been a report of a strange colour in the water of the pond at the top of the hill, by Well Wood. As a result of this, the following poster has been put up on site.


Heartwood Forest bluebell update!

I went up to Heartwood this afternoon to enjoy the sunshine and check up on the bluebells. There is a faint blue haze over areas of Langley Wood now, with clusters of bluebells around the wood. 69 more words


Magnolias in bloom

One of the first signs of spring in West Norwood is the magnolias coming into bloom. Have you seen this magnificent example – just inside West Norwood Cemetery ? 52 more words


First Ladybird Of The Year

Today I saw the first seven-spot ladybird of the year – that’s one of the five seasonal events to be recorded in the Big Spring Watch. 88 more words