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Pigs In A Pen

Saturday was the last day for the Gee’s Bend Quilters Collective exhibit at the Wiregrass Museum of Art. The afternoon was oppressive with the heat and humidity typical of Lower Alabama, but that did not deter Hitty Jellicakes. 99 more words


Tie One On

Father’s Day almost always means a new bow tie or two. It’s a tradition the Mad For The Farthing Crowd looks forward to with gusto. More is, after all, more. 67 more words



Barbeque is practically a worshipful experience in the South, and, not unlike religion, differences can cause heated ~ pun intended ~ debate among it’s devotees. There’s Memphis and Kansas City styles. 191 more words

Wooden Dolls

You Say Tomato, and I Say...

Monday afternoons are made brighter by the arrival of a large crate of organic produce from Living Tree Health Foods. Opening the box is almost like diving into a Christmas stocking with tempting treats, lovely aromas and cheerful colors.  129 more words


The Shakespeare Garden

On the final day the the repertory season, Hedydd returned to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival to see “King Lear”.  Knowing tragedy and sorrow would be her fare for the afternoon inside the theatre, she took time in the Shakespeare Garden to bask in the sunshine and frolic in the roses. 10 more words