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New stool seat carving

The whole workshop covered in dust but this swamp kauri stool seat is coming along nicely. New shaping disc doing overtime.


Faces of Africa (2)

This mask is the largest in the collection introduced in Faces of Africa (1), and measures 45.5 cm in height.  I was particularly intrigued by the two smaller faces in the upper part of the mask. 18 more words

betsy – 04

as i sculpted betsy truely in the round, as such woodcarving would have been done, i made some more renders for your viewing pleasure :-)


betsy – 03

for the final image, i was in the mood to try something new… as i had been woodcarving in the past, i thought it would be nice to turn her into a woodcarving, presented in a local forest where people walk for pleasure… so, i went over the sculpt once again, to get more hard edges in as they would appear in a wood carving. 46 more words


Faces from Africa (1)

A few years ago, at an auction sale, I bought a collection of, what I think are, African masks and carvings.  They fascinated me although I knew (and still know) nothing of their true ethnic origins.   106 more words