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We wont compromise : Kamal & Rajini Kanth

We wont compromise : Kamal & Rajini Kanth

Kamal Hassan and Rajini Kanth these two were eyes of the south indian fim industry , these two shared……………….See More…………..

Crows won’t make AFL complaint against Vince

ADELAIDE has ruled out making a formal complaint to the AFL about the roughhouse treatment meted out to Patrick Dangerfield in Saturday’s win against Melbourne at Adelaide Oval.Read more…


This Too Shall Pass

As I sat rocking my baby girl to sleep last night, I thought back to when my 2nd girl was a baby and I shuddered. Just a little. 1,098 more words


What PUA's won't tell you about ladies.

You have probably been searching the entire web on how to get ladies and get laid, you have probably read lots of books and theories online, but none seems to be working, they all have something in common, which is to present to you some complicated procedures and very difficult things to observe , like say, asking you to monitor her blinking rate , lmao… So outrageous, some even ask you to watch her body language, like if she is crossing her leg, if her body is facing you, if she is playing with her hair and all that. 519 more words