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Walking engineer’s the chemistry in our body…


This biology of body then emancipates the mind from the commotion, the mind is subjected to on account of the daily grind. 860 more words


Life is Beautiful?

I am a strong proponent of my belief that life is beautiful.  And I’ve been confronted about that belief by more than one person.  And I’ve confronted myself on this a lot, especially recently.   217 more words



Do you ever wonder how your life is going to turn out? Or even wonder how your life has changed so much in the last year? 376 more words


Has Anyone Else Had This Problem ??

I have been diagnosed with ptsd from combat as most in here im sure have , and i was wondering if anyone else has had something similar going on with them , i haven t been able to bring this up to my va counselor cause , its embarrassing i guess , kind of makes me feel insane basically sometimes i have dreams , during the dream everything is super real , like my normal ptsd nightmares , but, and this why its hard to me to bring up , i dont remember what i dreamt about when i wake, its like… Has Anyone Else Had This Problem ?? 6 more words

Weekly Wondering

I wonder how I’m going to fit everywhere I want to explore into a few months of travelling…