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I might die any second.

You might die any second.

All of us might die any second.

So shouldn’t we have fun while we can? 44 more words

Composition Intensive

What Helps You Ground Yourself?

I was just wondering what you all find helpful as grounding exercises, so far I ve found I m not very good at grounding myself especially when I start having flashbacks. 17 more words

The Final Farewell with a Lopsided Twist

Hey old friends,

For me to be as young as I am I sure feel like I have engulfed an old soul. Sad songs make me feel at ease and walking slow makes me smile, newspapers speak truth and technology is the work of our arch enemy. 879 more words

Just Saying

Did Wonderful Men Wonder Too?

I wonder a lot.

I wonder if and when I will ever get a job which is fulfilling. I wonder how I’ll make ends meet. I wonder at unanswered prayer, brokenness, and why God allows evil men to have success and good people to suffer. 748 more words

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