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In need of direction...

Why is the Boston marathon in April? Winter is the worst. For those that know me,  I have silently (and not so silently) struggled with seasonal depression for most of my twenties and this year is no exception. 567 more words

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Bristol 10k training starts here

This week was slightly tough for me for some reason – I managed to run 10k between two gym sessions however.

I’ve just entered the Bristol 10k again, too. 149 more words


Weight Loss, Training, and Carbs!

It seems EVERYONE is worried about carbs and the role they play in training and weight loss.
But what are carbs and just why do we need them?
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I run because I know

Runners often ponder deep thoughts as we pound along, and, I guess, I’m no exception, although some thoughts are deeper than others. Some days my mind simply chases its tail as I plunk along, others it busily solves the world’s problems. 461 more words

Meet Kathy

Kathy can often be found running with our crew on Saturday mornings either at the Rachel’s Runners track or at our local parkrun event. In the beginning, she was a reluctant runner, but after an initial bit of arm twisting, Kathy discovered a love of running and inspired her family to join her on her journey. 869 more words


Frozen. Let it go!

Last week I wrote about hitting a wall with winter. Others also wrote about this topic—one article in particular resonated well with Boston’s epic winter and is worth the read. 568 more words

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It's OK, I ran today

The best thing about being sick is that, when you’re finally better, you REALLY appreciate how good you feel.  I’ve spent the last couple of weeks being in the grips of, then recovering from, a nasty tummy/body bug that had me running fever, fighting nausea (sometimes better than others), and squinting with a headache.   492 more words