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Pay For The Fucking Meal - Guest Blog

I hope I never have to read one more fucking, megabyte-wasting idiot jumping up and down on the anti-feminist bandwagon spouting about how they believe in equality, and that feminism is elitist, and that feminists don’t care about women. 532 more words


As world leaders debate Beijing equality, five Chinese feminists remain behind bars

The five young women who were arrested by Chinese police ahead of International Women’s Day have now been missing for more than one week. Criminally detained on suspicion of “picking quarrels and provoking troubles,” the police have so far refused to reveal further information. 514 more words

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As a woman in the US, I am free to think, speak and act as I wish. These women were arrested simply for speaking up against sexual harassment. Please read this and pass on. They spoke for women..... Let us speak for them. Consider signing the petition or the postcard campaign.

Stereotype lowers math performance in women, no one noticed

Stereotypes about people can affect how we look at a person, but sometimes it causes other problems. Gender stereotypes about women’s ability in mathematics negatively impact their performance. 781 more words


'Women's rights are human rights'

It has been twenty years since Hillary Clinton (then the First Lady of the United States) made a groundbreaking speech to the UN on the subject of women’s rights. 898 more words

Womens' Rights

Alianzas globales para una comunicación con enfoque de género

Mirar la realidad desde un enfoque de género es una modalidad frecuentemente ignorada por los medios de comunicación. Trasmitir noticias en donde las mujeres estén representadas a través de imágenes diversas y no estereotipadas y en donde sus opiniones estén presentes al igual que las de los hombres sigue siendo un desafío para quienes aspiramos a erradicar la discriminación contra las mujeres y abogamos por una práctica comunicacional más democrática e inclusiva. 336 more words

Women's Rights

Her's Day Thursday

Sorry about no post yesterday, folks. Oklahoma decided to kick off spring with tornadoes. So my family and I were hunkered down in the bathroom as an EF1 tornado blew over the top of our home. 243 more words

Church of England appoints its first female "Lord Spiritual"

Perhaps the only thing cooler than the title “Lord Spiritual” is that the Church of England is showing more signs of truly embracing gender equality. This week, the church named Rachel Treweek the new bishop of Gloucester, a move that makes her the most senior woman diocesan bishop in the church’s history. 50 more words

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