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Preparing for a big test...

I’ve been putting off my student teaching for far too long. Honestly, my weight had a lot to do with it.

Being overweight made me self conscience, anxious, and depressed. 123 more words

I've Hit That Age

I was introduced to Oscar Insurance and their Roadmap to Health infographic; they are a new company focused on incorporating technology into the healthcare experienced and asked if I would help spread the word. 128 more words

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Does alcohol make men more likely to commit date rape?

The link between alcohol and sexual assault has been a taboo subject ever since the media turned its attention to the issue of date rape a few years ago. 481 more words

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I think I need new arsecheeks...

I think I might die any minute now. My heart is pumping out my chest. My flab is hanging over my yoga pants and I’m pretty sure I’ve just pulled a muscle in my arse cheek. 712 more words


Tips For Sore Feet After Wearing Heels

Once you have worn heels for several days on the trot, the pain in your feet is likely to be pronounced. Below we have listed some helpful advice on how to deal with all manner of sore feet problems. 325 more words


This Is Just Weird

This is just weird but if you’re a crazy health nut here’s a list of foods to help calm inflation after a workout (not sure where someone would find this info) but here ya go. 6 more words

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Women’s health screenings: A “date” with better health

Women’s health needs change with age.

The frequency of pelvic exams and mammograms, for example, changes throughout the life cycle. In one decade, you may find yourself wondering about folic acid, while in another, you’re concerned about osteoporosis. 381 more words

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