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Mrs. J. -- A Good Soul

           It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful and good we humans can be to each other. Mrs. J. is retired. She is a buxom African-American woman with a broad smile who works part time in a charter school as an assistant librarian. 1,280 more words

Women And Society

50 Shades, the movie-a review by Fyrecurl

50 Shades, the movie, comes through with powerful performances by both of the leads. The book by E.L. James, though flawed by some mediocre writing, resembles literary novels in its creation of interesting and vulnerable characters that are memorable. 139 more words

Women And Society

Dirty Laundry (a excerpt)

Blue, blue, blue, there was always so much blue in his eyes that when he looked at me and I stared back, it was almost like looking up at the sky on a clear day. 347 more words

Women And Society

A Better Life to Come

The wind is howling outside my window, and you popped into my head, awoke me from a sound but restive sleep. How you crawled into my bed with me I’ll never know. 129 more words

Women And Society

A Child Remembers: the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.

I remember the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. I was six years old, home sick from school and watching television in the living room while my mother was making me some lunch in the kitchen, and this big, black, round face popped up on the 14 inch screen as big as life shouting something about having a dream… 761 more words

Women And Society

Excerpt from upcoming novel: Fyrecurl:In the Shadows

Here is an excerpt from my upcoming novel: Fyrecurl: In the Shadows–

No one usually knows the last day they will sleep in their bed, drink coffee from their favorite cup, or kiss their wife good by. 161 more words

Women And Society