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Women and Men - Joseph McElroy (Prose #13)

For hear us falling. Toward the horizon albeit oblique, for we imagine it isn’t our natural state. We are some power to be here and to have changed toward life even to think distinct from these angels lately to be heard speculating in us as if they were learning to hope. 8 more words

Notes From The Carlyle - June 2015

 There I was on my way to Zitomer, the Cartier of drugstores, when I came upon a woman sobbing beneath the Carlyle’s canopy.  Naturally I couldn’t just go by, not after seeing a man take all of her shopping bags dumping them in the nearby gutter.  593 more words


So, How Often Do You Tweet?

“So, how often do you Tweet?” a deep voice asked.  I half expected a robin to be seated next to me, but it was a young man fondling his iPhone like a blowup doll. 356 more words


Theories of Everything

The bar is still quiet. Although most of the people are still impatiently waiting in the office for the clock to strike the end of work, couple people have already decided to shorten their working hours. 1,505 more words


A Word Or Two

My pal Ally Bean thespectacledbean.com in one of her comments, used the word wizened, and it’s been circling my senses every since.

It’s an adjective of German descent meaning…shriveled or wrinkled with age, a state I can certainly relate to… 215 more words


Be prepared ...

Now here’s a thing: healing from obsession, like any other addiction, means you’re left with the original trauma/whatever which sent you into addiction in the first place. 261 more words


21 And Steamin

I have a new neighbor upstairs who’s caught my eye.  I can’t help it since she’s a cross between Marilyn Monroe, Elly Mae Clampett and a Shetland Pony. 425 more words