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An IELTS Task 2 Essay Most Students Got Wrong

I recently gave this question for homework to a very high level class and unfortunately lots of them failed to answer the question correctly.This led to lots of frustration in the group, but they soon figured out what they did wrong. 915 more words


Wanting Her To Change

Some men want the woman they are with to be different to the woman they first liked.  This is not going to impress her one little bit. 454 more words


Humpin In The Hallway

The passion of others arouses what’s left of mine…that resin of romance you lived for most of your life.  Of course my moments of public abandonment read more like Jackie Collins rather than a porn site, but the 70s and 80s were another kettle of fish. 352 more words


No Biting Or Hair Pulling

I was witness to an argument that left me filled with thought…a young couple duking it out at the entrance of Central Park.  I so wanted to say, please don’t go in disturbing the peace, but managed to muzzle myself. 386 more words


500th Post ~ Paradigm Shift

According to WordPress, this is the 500th post published by Jack Collier7

Paradigm Shift: a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions

My blog has been drifting along quite nicely for its first 499 posts. 

439 more words

How to Stop Obsessing #4

Understand that you’re addicted. Longing and yearning are human; our brain chemistry does this to us. It’s not your fault! You can be hooked on a man in the same way as you can be hooked on heroin or sugar. 126 more words