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5 things you never knew about dreams

Dreaming cited ref.

Let’s find out what happens in dream world.

1. You dream more than you remember

Yes, it’s true. Even though, you’re pretty sure you had a dreamless sleep, You can have up to seven different dreams per night depending on how many REM (rapid eye movement) cycles you have. 402 more words

Father And Son

I was in a cafe putting honey in my tea observing a young dad and his four, perhaps five year-old son perched on stools drinking hot chocolate. 246 more words

New York City

Telling our Truth - #CreativesAcademy

On 7th March, we continued our conversations about how our experiences as men and women interact with writing. This time we were privileged to have as our guests Doris Mayoli, Sitawa Wafula and Bonnie Kim, writers who have overcome adversity, and have encouraged others by telling their story. 647 more words

Inspiration And Motivational Writing

Free Shopping Everyday

Money and a woman are soon parted.

Rain in Bangkok

Sunshine in Madrid

Bach in Barcelona

and a Paris frock

Hock from the Rhine

fruit of the vine… 60 more words


Long Lost Love

It’s funny how one remembers things.

I was looking into a store window on Madison and 76th, a few steps from The Carlyle, when it dawned on me it used to be an art gallery I often visited. 527 more words

New York City

Please let me go

Love of a vixen to the death

I love you but

Please let me go

Please forget me

I know not why I so

love you as I do… 70 more words


Cooking for the Cool Man #2

Not to be read by women

Prawns with Green Beans

This is a 20 minute, one pan dish.  Most women will not believe you can cook a meal without trashing your kitchen.  383 more words